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  • Trey
    SPiCE e for FEB Wed 4th & Thur 5th, 2004 1. Salsa this week 2. Tango this week 3. other dance & related news 1. Winter still keeps rolling in...but we help
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2004
      SPiCE e for FEB Wed 4th & Thur 5th, 2004
      1. Salsa this week
      2. Tango this week
      3. other dance & related news
      Winter still keeps rolling in...but we help keep you warm and in shape!
      Enjoy the wonderful warm friendly environment of Cache This Thursday. No
      matter the weather outside you know it will be just what the doctor ordered
      inside! See you there.

      221 W 46 St, btwn B¹way & 8 Ave -
      Every Thursday, 10pm ­ 2am - $10 at door
      The double doors between Edison Hotel & Sofia¹s restaurant

      Guest DJ ­ Steve ŒDoc Salsa¹ Shaw

      Performance & Show by
      Erik & Laura US Hustle champions

      SALSAnite Every Thursday, 10pm - 2am

      Your Host Reba & Trey welcome you to NY¹s Lets Dance Salsa Party!

      The Salsa pictures are not posted yet, but please stay tune as it is getting
      closer. I am showing them on my Apple Powerbook so you can see them at least
      at Cache.

      Had enough winter cold come get warm with the passionate heat of Tango this

      Every Wed Night, plus light refreshments served
      ³ experience the wonderful ambience so suited for tango with a great dance
      DJ Richard Lipkin

      First Fab Wednesday in Feb is $5 entry for ALL (Feb 4)

      Caleb and Ting are back! 8pm:
      Advanced Tango with Caleb & Ting; 9pm:
      Intermediate Tango with Caleb and also @ 9pm:
      Beginner Tango with Ting. All students in Caleb & Ting¹s classes get into
      Empire Milonga FREE!
      Special Surprise Show by Ney Melo and Liselle Bourke

      ­ Tango Till 1am (minimum) $10
      GET IN FREE by taking Caleb¹s advanced (8pm) or beginner (9pm) tango class!

      Your Host Reba & Trey welcome you!

      127 W 25th Street (btwn 6th & 7th Ave), 11th Floor, Buzzer 17
      212 645 2441

      Other Dance Notes...

      THIS Saturday: ³For The Love Of Tango² Art Exhibition
      A Hand-painted Tango Valentine from Lucille
      Portrait Drawings of local Tangueras and Tangueros, Illustrations of
      fantasy Tangueros,
      "Fashion Plates" of New York Tangueras, &
      Floorcloths (a hand-painted carpet substitute) and more.

      Opening Reception THIS SAT, Feb,7th - 6:00 to 8:00 P.M.
      ( show up through Sat, Feb. 21, 2004)

      at Lafayette Grill & Bar, 54 Franklin between Lafayette & Broadway
      You may find the perfect gift for your TangoValentine.

      After the reception, please stay for the regular Saturday night milonga
      (tango party).
      Enjoy reasonably priced and delicious food, even jump in, if new to tango,
      take a beginner¹s lesson, then continue to enjoy live music with Tito on
      bandoneon, and Pancho on guitar

      PLUS Happy Birthday Angela Maria ­ come celebrate with her on this night
      also after 9:30pm.

      Trey Parker & Reba Perez
      SPiCEmedia Events
      718 384 5143

      Reba Perez
      Empire Dance
      212 645 2441

      If you know other people that want to receive the SPiCE e list reply to this
      email with
      "SPiCE Up My Week" and we Do Not Reveal Your Email to Anyone, I mean no one!
      To be taken off the SPiCE e List please reply to this email with
      "HOLD THE SPiCE" as the Subject

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