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Tango de los Muertos pre-registration closes in 10 days

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  • tovamoreno
    Hello NY dancers, Pre-registration for Tango de los Muertos workshops closes on October 15th! Workshops have been filling up very quickly and there are only 10
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2008
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      Hello NY dancers,

      Pre-registration for Tango de los Muertos workshops closes on October

      Workshops have been filling up very quickly and there are only 10 days
      of pre-registration left! Many workshops are already full for
      followers and only have a few spaces left for leaders. Since more
      followers than leaders have registered for workshops and we want to
      keep workshops balanced, we've placed a hold on all follower workshop
      registration to allow leader registration to catch up.

      Depending on how the workshop balance looks in a week or two, we may
      re-open some of the workshops for a few days during pre-registration
      (of course, only the ones that are "On Hold" and not the ones that
      already say "Full"). Or we may re-open those workshops only when
      registering with a partner at the door. Whatever happens, whether we
      re-open some workshops for followers during pre-registration or not,
      we will announce this first on our festival mailing list. (You can
      sign up on the TdlM festival home page:
      http://www.tangodelosmuertos.com/home.html .)

      Although we would like to accommodate everyone in the workshops, we
      care more that the people who are in a workshop have someone to dance
      with! So ladies, your best chance for getting into workshops is to
      encourage all your leader-friends to sign up quickly!

      Cecilia Gonzalez & Donato Juárez (Buenos Aires/Mar de Plata)
      Luiza Paes & Nick Jones (Buenos Aires/Denver)
      Brigitta Winkler & Tomas Howlin (Berlin/Buenos Aires/Montreal)
      Kara Wenham & Yanick Wyler (Buenos Aires)
      Trio Garufa (San Francisco)
      Korey Ireland (Kansas City)

      For important information about workshop topics and levels, please
      check the website.
      Workshop info: http://www.tangodelosmuertos.com/workshops.html
      Registration: http://www.tangodelosmuertos.com/register.html

      We've added Beginning workshops with Robin Thomas and Kyla Mares!

      In conjunction with Tango de los Muertos, the MIT Tango Club hosts
      Beginning Tango workshops with two of North America's best-loved tango
      instructors: Robin Thomas and Kyla Mares. The classes will be held at
      MIT in Cambridge. The workshops on Saturday are intended for total
      Beginners or people who want to review their basics, and the workshops
      on Sunday are for Advanced Beginning Argentine Tango dancers and
      people who took the previous day's classes. For more information and
      to register, go to http://www.tangodelosmuertos.com/MITbeginning.html

      And, don't forget about the Costume Themes!

      Of course you don't have to wear a costume, but if you choose to, here
      are the themes, briefly:

      Thursday – Dia de los Muertos Milonga
      Are you Pancho Villa or a bag of bones?

      Friday – The Language Milonga
      Communicate and connect through the written word, written ON you...

      Saturday – Gods and Goddesses Milonga
      Be a Greek god or Marilyn Monroe, but always be elegant and glamourous.

      Sunday November 9 – The Natural World Milonga
      Dress as a plant, mammal, insect, land form or weather pattern.

      For more information about the themes, including costume cautions,
      check out the Milonga Info page here:

      We are truly excited to present you with this festival! So please plan
      to join us, but don't forget to register early!

      Tova & Carlos
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