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The Second Annual New Orleans Tango Festival

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    We are proud to announce The Second Annual New Orleans Tango Festival! This year s date is August 15 - 17. Our events are known for friendly people who return
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      We are proud to announce The Second Annual New Orleans Tango Festival!
      This year's date is August 15 - 17.

      Our events are known for friendly people who return year after year (we did
      this for five years in Reno, Nevada). Our expert attention is paid to every
      detail. We consistently offer great teachers, great locations, great food,
      great music, great classes, great parties and of course the great city of
      New Orleans. If you are coming from out of town, do plan to check in early
      and stay a few days later (we can arrange this for you too).

      We also have an extraordinary group of local dancers who will become
      friends. Their warmth and hospitality is unparalleled. All levels of
      experience are welcome. Couples and singles are welcome. Gender balance is
      provided. You will dance a lot, dine well and have the best tango experience

      So please sign up today. Space is limited. Come into the warm embrace of the
      tango, New Orleans style!

      The opening night (Friday) reception will be held at The House of Tango, our
      home and studio in Uptown New Orleans. You can meet and greet local dancers,
      as well as dancers from all over the country; pick up your information
      packets; have a drink and a snack and dance a few tangos before you settle
      in for the night. The location for all other activities is The Double Tree
      Hotel on Canal Street, a few "ochos" from the French Quarter.

      Our guest teachers this year, are Miriam Larici and Hugo Patyn. This is a
      return engagement by popular demand. They are warm, friendly and beautiful!
      Between them they have many prestigious credits in film and on stage
      (including film "The Mambo Kings" and one of many shows, "Forever Tango").
      Of course Alberto Paz and I will be offering our master classes. Workshop
      style classes will be given on Saturday and Sunday (morning and afternoon
      sessions). Video cameras are welcome.

      Saturday night is the gala dinner dance. This year's theme is The Black and
      White Milonga. We encourage you to dress up and dress black and white. This
      fabulous event includes a delicious dinner and a fabulous show presented by
      the teachers. There is plenty of time for general dancing. This party is
      held in the International Ballroom, a very special space with incredible
      views of the Mississippi River and the Crescent City.

      Sunday night is the "graduation" dinner dance. There is a presentation of a
      certificate commemorating your participation. There is a "student" show
      where anyone of you is welcome to perform. This is the most popular event of
      the weekend! It's a lot of fun to show your stuff and to cheer your fellow
      participants on.

      There is a tango boutique set up in the hotel offering T-shirts, CDs,
      videos. Best of all there is a clothing and shoe exchange. This entails
      participants cleaning out their tango closets and bringing their things to
      sell or trade. You can also ship your things ahead if you don't have room in
      your luggage. Please tag every item with your price and your name. Please
      note that the tango boutique is not open during class hours. You can shop
      before and after class.

      For those of you wanting to stay at the hotel, we offer a nice package deal
      (please visit our website for details).


      Valorie Hart, your Event Director
      Alberto Paz , your Event Producer
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