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Thursday Milonga Pasional Tango Club

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    Dear Pasionales: º Every Thursday night PASIONAL in Paramus. New Jersey¹s only weekly Argentine Tango Milonga come and dance some real Argentine Tango (the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2002
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      Dear Pasionales:
      º Every Thursday night PASIONAL in Paramus. New Jersey¹s only weekly Argentine
      Tango Milonga come and dance some real Argentine Tango (the one that it¹s
      close to each other, moving together and breathing as one). Enjoy the best
      music selection of all times. We'll see you there at 7:00 or 8:00 if you are
      coming for the classes or 9:00pm to Midnight if you come just to dance
      argentine Tango and other Rhythms.

      º This Thursday you must be at Pasional Tango Club, WHY? We are celebrating
      Rosa¹s Birthday, SHHHHH! . And I will like to include you, pasionales and
      friends, in our celebration, will be a great Party, will be some food thanks
      to some of our best friends and feel free to bring your own wine or spirits.
      Maybe we¹ll have some extra surprise.

      º Remember! - Coco¹s New Year¹s Eve Tango Party Tickets: NOW $65.00, and
      $75.00 at the door.
      All night Buffet, Drinks and Champagne included. Tickets and more information
      available at PASIONAL.

      º NEWS! NEWS! NEWS!
      º Pasional Tango Club¹s CD¹s Collection is on sale now, the perfect gift for
      your body and soul!
      º and last Thursday of the month Men pay have the price for the milonga!

      º Just a reminder of how Pasional Tango Club works:

      If you don¹t like to commit or you can¹t, the door price is:
      $15.00 per class (includes the milonga admission).
      $10.00 if you come just for the milonga.

      Our Membership Offer:
      One Month Pass(4 consecutive classes and milongas)
      $ 50.00
      Three Months Membership (12 consecutive classes and milongas) $120.00
      Six Months Membership (24 consecutive classes and milongas) $180.00
      º Every Saturday at around 11:15pm we are performing at Café Apolo, at 91 Main
      St., Hackensack, NJ
      Thursday night milonga and classes, the best tango gathering in New Jersey, it
      is getting better every time.

      PASIONAL Milonga (tango social)
      Every Thursday from 9:00 pm to Midnight
      Hosted by: Rosa and Carlos
      +Refreshments, Hot drinks and Snacks.

      +1800 sq ft of wooden floor
      +Ballroom and Latin music during the breaks
      $10.00 per person, FREE for students
      Save your weekly admission tickets for the chance to win a
      Raffle will be held on the last thursday of each month.

      ** The Monthly Pass is good for 4 consecutive weeks and entitles you to
      participate in all classes and milongas.

      Every Thursday from 7:00 pm to 9:00
      Pasional Group Classes:
      Schedule for December
      7:00 pm.................. Tango Salon - Beginner*
      8:00 pm ................. Tango Salon - Intermediate*

      Class Description
      Both of our classes will start with a 20 min. technique.
      * Tango Salon Beginners:
      Start with the Basics of the Argentine Tango or improve your technique skills.
      Learn the secrets of leading and following, to be able to take advantage of
      this dance¹s
      open structure and unlimited possibilities, in essence: IMPROVISATION.
      Elements of walking and basic steps will be addressed. The practica for
      beginners will take place from 8:00pm to 9:00pm and then you can stay for the
      milonga if you wish (and you should!)
      * Tango Salon - Intermediate:
      This course will focus on more advance technique to build a strong sense of
      lead and follow and floor navigation skills. Turns, drags, hooks, adornments
      and more.

      No partner necessary.

      Tango is about improvisation, not about steps. We teach the tango that is
      danced in
      tango salons in New York, Paris or Buenos Aires. We provide our students with
      tools that will allow them to interpret the music sharing the same heartbeat
      and moving
      together. We strongly believe and stress the importance of building good
      leaders and
      followers through a sound technique development.
      * All classes are 50 minutes long.

      All Group Classes are structured on a monthly bases
      Beginner $ 15.00 p/class
      Intermediate $ 15.00 p/class
      with free admission to both the milonga and a beginners supervised practica
      (practica is from 8:00pm to 9:00pm)

      Special Privates for December
      We have a private lesson package for the month of December that includes 20
      hours for only $1,000.00** and free admission to the milongas. Our private
      lesson cost is $75.00 p/hour. To see all our packages go
      PASIONAL is located at:
      Paramus Fire Co. #4
      54 So. Farview Ave., Paramus, NJ.
      (very close to Rt.17 and Rt.4)
      phone: 201-791-0614
      Email: info@t...
      Web site: <http://www.tangopasional.com/>
      For directions go to our web:
      **must be taken within a period of 10 weeks
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