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Online Registration for "Boston Tango Potpourri"

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  • Eray (Bailatango-Boston)
    ONLINE REGISTRATION for the Boston Tango Potpourri weekend is open! March 18th is the early registration deadline. Register early with discounted prices!
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      ONLINE REGISTRATION for the "Boston Tango Potpourri" weekend is open!
      March 18th is the early registration deadline. Register early with
      discounted prices!

      Please visit the following links for online registration:

      Beginner dancers:

      Inter/Advance dancers:

      March 23-24-25

      Somer & Agape from Chicago
      Murat & Michelle from DC/NY
      Bulent & Marika from Montreal
      Jak & Mariela from NY

      Jackie Wong of TangoPulse, www.tangopulse.net
      Eray Yuksek

      4 Intensive Beginner workshops
      5 Intensive Intermediate/Advance workshops

      - Friday, "Bailatango Milonga" with Opening performances by the
      instructors,DJ Eray Yuksek, 9:00pm-1:30am (2:00am?)
      - Saturday, "Boston Tango Potpourri Milonga" with Performances, DJ Jackie
      Wong, 9:00pm-2:00am

      Felina Tango Shoes!


      Somer Surgit & Agape Pappas
      Somer is an amazing combination of elegance, musicality and
      creativity. Rapidly becoming recognized as a singular touchstone for
      New Generation Tango, he combines a natural dance style with genuine
      expression. Moreover, in his teaching, Somer's excellent
      communication skills and easy ability to connect with students allows
      them to advance easily and consistently. He teaches a combination of
      traditional and contemporary Argentine tango stressing core technique
      that leads to dancing with fluid and natural elegance. He also
      conveys the importance of freedom between partners, so that men and
      women can learn to express themselves individually while remaining
      strongly connected. Somer started his training in Turkey, with Metin
      Yazir. Then, in Buenos Aires, he studied with Gustavo Naveira &
      Giselle Anne, Cecilia Gonzalez, Chicho Frumboli and Eugenia Parrilla.
      In 2005, he performed and taught tango workshops with Cecilia
      Gonzalez in Istanbul, Ankara and
      Eskisehir, Turkey. He performed with Cecilia Gonzalez and Eugenia
      Parrilla in Nuevo Tango Festivals in Seattle. In summer 2006 he
      performed and taught with Eugenia Parrilla in Greece, Italy and
      Sweden for the Tango Camp Festivals, which is one of the most
      prestigious festivals in Europe.
      Agape came to tango while living in Madrid; 10 years prior background
      in acrobatics and dance are folded seamlessly into her advanced
      technique. Agape has studied intensively in Buenos Aires with master
      teachers including Gustavo Naveira, Giselle Anne, Mariano"Chicho"
      Frumboli, Eugenia Parrilla, Cecilia Gonzales, and Pablo Inza
      Somer and Agape have been shining on the dance floor together for 3
      years, both in their home base of Chicago and while performing and
      offering workshops worldwide. In their lessons they focus on the
      emphasis on developing an organic partner connection and musical
      expression. Whether they are performing or simply dancing socially,
      even those with no specific acquaintance with tango immediately feel
      their connection through the dance.

      Murat & Michelle Erdemsel
      Murat was born in Istanbul. Michelle grew up on the Big Island of
      Hawaii. Somehow, from literally opposite ends of the earth they
      managed to meet half way in New York City. They met in the milonga
      and that is where their dance continues to develop with a strong
      emphasis on embrace, musicality, and improvisation. They are an
      elegant and playful couple, beautifully connected and embodying the
      romantic notion of two moving as one.
      Murat's style of teaching gives students the tools to grow on their
      own. Coming from a classical art education he brings a fresh,
      holistic approach to the art of dancing tango.
      Michelle brings to the partnership a wealth of dance training in many
      disciplines with a focus on technique for injure free dancing.
      They are warm, attentive, entertaining and accessible to students.
      Their enthusiasm for the dance is contagious and spreading as they
      travel to teach at most of the major festivals in the U.S. Both are
      experienced performers and together are developing a unique style all
      their own.

      Jak Karako & Mariela Rodriguez
      Born in Istanbul, Turkey Jak's passion for dance started at age
      fourteen with international folk dancing. After teaching ballroom for
      four years Jak fell in love with Argentine Tango. Within months he
      started to dance seven days a week. He studied extensively with Metin
      Yazir and started to teach as Baila Tango - New York's principal
      instructor. He also studied with Gustavo Naviera & Guiselle Anne,
      Guillermina Quiroga.

      Jak as an experienced trained teacher brings a unique perspective to
      tango. He can relate to all levels; from absolute beginners with two
      left feet to well trained dancers and performers. He makes tango
      easy, sophisticated and fun, paying attention to every individual
      even in crowded classes. Following BailaTango's vision, his approach
      is straightforward, and natural. As a primarily social dancer he
      teaches tango as it is danced. Jak also performed in various venues,
      most notably with Tango Fusion, an off-Broadway show as a
      choreographer and a dancer which got rare reviews from New York
      This weekend, a new talent, beautiful Mariela Rodriguez will be
      partnering with Jak.

      Bulent Karabagli & Marika Landry
      Bulent & Marika are new generation tango dancers and teachers in
      Montreal. They are well known for their creative, improvisational
      style as well as their musicality and elegance. They have been
      focusing for several years on investigating the structural
      foundations of tango.
      Rejecting rigid sequences, their teaching aims to build students'
      improvisational skills and ability to conduct their own experiments.
      By being more autonomous, students will make real progress and
      increase their freedom to express themselves in tango.
      They have traveled to Argentina to draw fresh tango inspiration
      straight from the source. They recently had the privilege to dance to
      the NarcoTango and ColorTango orchestras along with other top invited
      dance couples from Argentina. Bulent & Marika regularly host a
      popular cutting-edge milonga gathering they call Neo Milonga.


      FRIDAY, March 23
      7:15pm-8:45pm Int/Adv Workshop by Somer & Agape
      - Combinations with sacadas and boleos

      9:00pm-1:30am (2:00am?) Milonga 1 (Opening Milonga)
      "Bailatango Milonga" at Filarmonica Santo Antonio
      - DJ Eray Yuksek
      - SHOWS by the instructors
      - Felina Tango Shoes
      - Refreshments, cash bar, raffle

      SATURDAY, March 24
      12:00pm-1:30pm Beginner Workshop by Somer & Agape
      - Walk, paralel and cross systems, basic step
      12:00pm-1:30pm Int/Adv Workshop by Jak & Mariela
      - His & her sacadas

      1:45pm-3:15pm Beginner Workshop by Murat & Michelle
      - Back/front crosses, back/front ochos
      1:45pm-3:15pm Int/Adv Workshop by Bulent & Marika
      - Combinations with ganchos & boleos

      3:30pm-5:00pm Beginner Workshop by Jak & Mariela
      - Sandwiches
      3:30pm-5:00pm Adv Workshop - "Strictly advanced!", by Somer & Agape
      - Tomadas & Pasadas
      *This class is only for advanced dancers. Partner change will be
      encouraged but not enforced. We recommend registering with a partner.
      If you can't find one, we will try to match you with somebody else
      who doesn't have a partner.

      9:00pm-2:00am Milonga 2
      "Boston Tango Potpourri Milonga" - at Brookline Taichi Center
      - Guest DJ, Jackie Wong of Tangopulse, www.tangopulse.net
      - SHOWS by the instructors
      - Felina Tango Shoes
      - Refreshments, raffle

      SUNDAY, March 25
      1:00pm-2:30pm Beginner workshop by Bulent & Marika
      - Musicality, small combinations by using first three workshop's
      1:00pm-2:30pm Int/Adv Workshop by Murat & Michelle
      - Dancing the winding road: Directional munipilation for leaders,
      challanging walk for followers.

      All instructors will be available for privates on Saturday and Sunday.
      Please contact us via phone or e-mail to arrange privates.

      Discount policy:
      * Since MIT Tango Club is one of the sponsors of this event, MIT
      students get special discounts. Please contact us if you are an MIT
      * 30% student discount (Non-MIT) for workshops and milongas. (50% for
      group of 6 or more students! Build your group and contact us!)
      * Tango Society of Boston members get 10% discount.(ID required)
      * Only the highest discount applies.
      * Prices below are before the discounts.

      ***Pricing BEFORE March 18th 2007***

      Only Milongas
      . Friday Milonga: $20, Saturday Milonga: $22

      *Beginner intensive* workshops
      . All Saturday workshops $55, Sunday workshop: $20, All 4 workshops:
      $70 (drop-ins are not accepted for beginner classes!)
      . Complete package: $105 (4 workshops & 2 Milongas)

      *Intermediate/Advanced* workshops
      . Each workshop: $20, Any 3 workshops: $55, All 5 workshops: $90
      . Complete package: $125 (5 workshops & 2 Milongas)

      ***Pricing AFTER March 18th 2007***

      Only Milongas
      . Friday Milonga: $20, Saturday Milonga: $22

      *Beginner intensive* workshops
      . All Saturday workshops $70, Sunday workshop: $25, All 4 workshops:
      $85 (drop-ins are not accepted for beginner classes!)
      . Complete package: $120 (4 workshops & 2 Milongas)

      *Intermediate/Advanced* workshops
      . Each workshop: $25, Any 3 workshops: $70, All 5 workshops: $110
      . Complete package: $145 (5 workshops & 2 Milongas)

      Please make your checks payable to: "Jak Karako" & send them to:
      c/o Eray Yuksek
      135 Inman St. Apt: 6, Cambridge, MA 02139

      - ONLINE registration by Credit Card via Paypal:




      - Friday Workshop & Friday Milonga will be held at: Filarmonica Santo
      Antonio, 575 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA

      Directions to Filarmonica Santo Antonio:

      From Boston: Take Rt 2A West (Massachusetts Ave) to Central Square.
      Take a right onto Prospect Street. Take a right onto Cambridge Street
      at the light. Find 575 Cambridge Street on the left hand side.
      (approximately 0.6 miles)

      By subway: Take the Green Line to Lechmere Station. Walk on Cambridge
      St towards Cambridge (not Boston). Keep going straight until 575
      Cambridge Street. Approximate time: 10 min.

      Parking: Street parking is available on Cambridge street and
      surrounding streets. Also there is a free small municipal parking lot
      on Warren Street which is one block away from Filarmonica.

      - Saturday & Sunday Workshops will be held at:

      Beginner workshops: MIT Building 36, Room 112, 50 Vassar St.,
      Cambridge, MA
      Inter/Advance workshops: MIT Student Center, Lobdell Hall, 84
      Massachusetts Ave. , Cambridge, MA

      Directions to MIT:

      From Boston: Take Rt 2A East (Mass. Ave) towards Cambridge. After
      passing Harvard Bridge that connects Boston to Cambridge, you will
      find the student center on the left hand side. After one block from
      student center, turn right onto Vassar St. for beginner workshops.

      By subway: Take the Red Line to Central Square Station. Walk on Mass.
      Avenue towards MIT. Turn left onto Vassar St. or go straight for one
      more block for the student center. Approximate time: Less than 10

      Parking: Metered street parking is available on Mass Ave., Vassar St.
      and surrounding streets. (free on Sundays). Also there is a free
      parking lot on the corner of Vassar St. and Mass. Avenue where the
      ATM. (free on the weekends)

      - Saturday Milonga will be held at: Brookline Tai Chi Center, 1615
      Beacon Street, Brookline, MA

      Directions to Brookline Tai Chi:

      From I-93 driving South:
      Drive toward downtown Boston ignoring the exits to Medford and
      Somerville. Take the exit to Cambridge and Storrow Drive to the
      right. Get on Storrow Drive going west, being careful not to go to
      Cambridge. Follow Storrow Drive, passing all the exits into Boston or
      Cambridge. Follow the directions from Boston via Storrow Drive

      From I-93 driving North
      Pass by all the downtown Boston exits, including the Government
      Center exit. Take the Cambridge and Storrow Drive exit on the right.
      Get on Storrow Drive going west, being careful not to go to
      Cambridge. Follow Storrow Drive, passing all the exits into Boston or
      Cambridge. Follow the directions from Boston via Storrow Drive

      Via Storrow Drive, Kenmore Square, and Beacon Street:
      Look for the Fenway/Kenmore Square exit to the left. Take this exit
      and bear to the right, following the sign to Kenmore Square (NOT
      Fenway). Turn right at the first stoplight, onto Beacon Street. Go
      through one stoplight and go straight through the next intersection,
      taking the middle street, which is still Beacon Street. Go over the
      bridge and you will come to a commercial area where you will see the
      streetcar tracks emerge in the middle of the street. Drive through a
      residential/apartment building area to the next commercial area. The
      main intersection here will be with Harvard Street (this area is
      known as Coolidge Corner). Keep going straight on Beacon through
      another residential/apartment section to the next commercial area,
      which is called Washington Square, at Washington Street. As you come
      down a hill and begin to see the commercial shops here, look across
      the street to your left and you will see our big sign. Turn left at
      the street before the traffic light at Washington Street and park
      anywhere along the street. If you miss this left, go though the light
      and make a U-Turn a block further up to come back down Beacon Street
      the other way.

      More directions: http://www.meditango.net/Driving-Directions.html

      By subway: Take Green C-line to Washington Square. Also within
      walking distance from Green D-line (Beaconsfield stop), and Green B-
      line (Washington Street)

      By bus: Bus 65 to Washington Square

      Parking: Easy street parking.

      For more information:
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