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The Official Technique & Balance Certifiable Program/No your Balance

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  • yomahaa2004
    Dear friends and Tango Enthusiasts, (Posted For Michael Foster) Sunday workshop in its 4th week focus Exclusively on Technique & Balance . 11:00AM To 3:00PM.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2006
      Dear friends and Tango Enthusiasts,
      (Posted For Michael Foster)

      Sunday workshop in its 4th week focus Exclusively on "Technique &
      Balance". 11:00AM To 3:00PM. PLEASE NOTE: This Sunday we End early
      at 2PM.

      The Lafayette Grill and Bar (NYC Official Tango Bar)
      45 Franklin street between Broadway and Lafayette-212-619-6086 or
      (First-timers 15% discount full workshop) This Sunday 11am
      What you ARE Guarantee to receive in every Technique & Balance
      structured program workshop session.
      1)A true and personal Diagnosis on the particulars of your dancing
      style/s Your present Level (Basic/advance etc.,)
      2)A continuity program course (Includes structured Training calendar,
      Predictive/Progressive Analysis and Budget)
      3)Suggestions on Appropriate Dance-teachers, Schools, practicas and
      Tango Salons
      4)At least one compilation and musicality routine choreographed
      around your style of dancing
      5)You'll have various key notes on personal moves you can
      practice at home with or without a partner.

      Request the "TechniQue & Balance" Program Certification at your
      dance group or school.
      It's a 7-hour program: Choices are either a full 7-hour Intensive
      workshop crash course/2 breaks 20 Minutes Each, all in one day OR
      two days of weekend workshop 31/2-hours Intensive Workshop/2-breaks
      15 Minutes each session. Enquire Michael directly which option you

      My schedule for Lessons this calendar week are as follows:

      LESSONS Privates / Semi- Privates / Practica / Group-

      Monday-Thursday (2HOURS) 9am-11am AND (5HOURS) 5pm-10pm
      Fridays: 11am-1:00pm and 7-8pm only.

      Locations for weekdays lessons: 2 Great Convenient Locations....

      1. Uptown: Tango LOUNGE Studio Space: 939 8th Avenue between 55-56th
      street 2nd
      Floor room 204 buzzer #408 phone:917-217-2803

      2. Downtown: The Studio at 101 Lafayette Street 2nd Floor (Mostly
      Group Classes)

      In addition to these Locations YOU CAN CHECK with your dance schools
      director at Local dance schools promoting my "Technique & Balance"

      MeG Regards
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