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Susana Miller Workshops

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  • Reba Perez
    Susana Miller Argentine Tango Workshops in NYC July 18-31 SUSANA MILLER is one of the most prominent teachers in the world today of the milonguero style of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2002
      Susana Miller
      Argentine Tango Workshops in NYC July 18-31

      SUSANA MILLER is one of the most prominent teachers in the world
      today of the milonguero style of tango and has probably put more
      people on the dance floors of Buenos Aires than any other single
      teacher. Clarin, the major Buenos Aires daily paper, called her one
      of the four most important influences on contemporary tango, along
      with Miguel Angel Zotto, Gustavo Naveira and Gerardo Portalea.

      The milonguero (or apilado ) style is danced in the crowded clubs of
      central Buenos Aires. This strictly social style emphasizes the
      connection between the couple and musicality, using compact
      choreography that creatively employs the limited space of the social
      dance floor. The result is a form of tango with a simplicity of steps
      and a natural connection between dancers. This style can be mastered in a
      few months compared to several years for salon style.

      Susana encourages dancers to develop their own unique improvisational style
      through knowledge of the music, space and body. Her classes emphasize step
      quality and rhythm. Rather than predetermined patterns, she will impart a
      basic choreographic vocabulary that allows dancers to shape their own

      For the first time ever, this great Argentine teacher of Milonguero Style'
      in NYC for two very special and exciting weeks of workshops!

      Thurs, July 18
      8-9:30pm: Master Workshop - Couples Only- ADV

      Sat, July 20
      2-3:30pm: Close Embrace - BEG & UP:
      4-5:30pm: Women's Course - OPEN LEVEL
      How to follow, be present but light, finding balance

      Sun, July 21
      2-3:30pm: Close Embrace for the Experienced Dancer-INT/ADV
      4-5:30pm: Connection, Velocity & Energy of Turns-ADV

      Mon, July 22
      8-9:30pm: Floorcraft & Choreography-OPEN LEVEL
      "There are no steps in tango, only situations"

      Thurs, July 25
      8-9:30pm: Master Workshop - Couples Only-ADV

      Sat, July27
      2-3:30pm: Dancing in Place- INT/ADV
      4-5:30pm: Vals with Consecutive Turns-ADV

      Sun, July 28
      2-3:30pm: Rhythm & Choreography-BEG & UP
      4-5:30pm: Milonga with Traspie- INT & UP

      Mon, July 29
      8-9:30pm: Women's Course: -OPEN LEVEL
      Balance in boleos, footplay & more

      $30/person/workshop; $25/person/workshop if taking more than one
      Private Lessons: $90/ind.; $120/couple (women are requested to bring a

      Call (212) 252-3753 to schedule Private Lessons. To reserve, please send
      payment to:
      Empire Dance, Inc.
      127 West 25th Street, 11th Floor
      New York, NY 10001
      All Workshops and Private Lessons will be held at Empire Dance

      Here's one rave review of Susana's recent workshops in Pittsburgh:

      "We've just had Susana Miller in Pittsburgh and were floored by how
      well she explained rhythm to us, got us to actually hear and dance to
      the music, and explained which music to dance to. Even though she
      does milonguero style, I think it will help us be more rhythmical
      with salon style."
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