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    Hello Tangueros and Tangueras, The following was posted on Tango-L earlier today. I thought it might be of interest to you, since it discusses Tango in New
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2001
      Hello Tangueros and Tangueras,
      The following was posted on Tango-L earlier today. I thought it might
      be of interest to you, since it discusses Tango in New York city.
      One omission on his list of various Milongas in Manhattan is La Estacion, on 8th
      Ave. and 31st Street. Please check Richard Lipkin's site at
      http://newyorktango.com for more complete details. Here is the quote
      from the Tango-L list:

      With the opening of new tango schools and milongas, it appears that New York
      City now actually has a small but growing "Tango District". In downtown
      Manhattan roughly between Union Square and Madison Square there are a number
      of milongas (and dance studios teaching tango). Between 8th St. to the south
      and 26th st. to the north and 9th Ave. on the west to 3rd Ave, east one can
      find the following:

      Sandra Cameron Dance Center - "Bailemos Tango" with Danel and Maria (live
      music) twice a month on Saturdays, also the Sunday afternoon practica
      Dance Manhattan - Monday night milonga
      Stepping Out Studios - Monday night milonga
      Triangulo - Tuesday night milonga
      La Nacional - Thursday night milonga
      Esmeralda Irregular tango party - Stepping Out studios
      La Belle Epoque - Fridays - live music
      XXI Studios - Friday night milonga

      This is not meant to be a definitive guide, just an observation, and only
      includes places within this area and may not be completely up to date. Any
      corrections and additions are welcome. In fact one can dance tango here not
      only every night but has a choice of at least two places during the week or
      even three (with live music) on the weekend. This does not include places
      outside of this area such as Il Campanello or Pierre Dulaine Dance Club on
      31st St. or "You Should Be Dancing". There are also others such as DanceSport
      uptown, or Babu Lus on 44th or Lafayette Grill in Tribeca. The dance scene
      changes often here but is constantly growing. I don't think this merits a
      mention in the New York City tourist guides yet but perhaps our future Tango
      Councilman Jak Karako can take care of that omission when he gets elected to
      City Council :-). Not only that but we have a sizable community of Argentines
      and a growing number of tango musicians appearing on the scene. We are also
      fortunate to have Raul Juarena and Tito Castro, two of the best bandoneon
      players anywhere as well as Pablo Aslan bassist, Pancho Navarro guitarist,
      Mauricio Nagt and Bob Telson pianists, and others as our house musicians for
      many dances here. With all due respect for the high quality of dancing that
      comes out of San Francisco, New York is actually the best city in the US for
      tango for both quality and quantity.
      Please check out some of the other NY Tango sites for more specific
      information about the NY tango scene and check out the "Tango District" when
      you are in town. Almost all of the places mentioned are within a five, ten or
      fifteen minute walk from each other (although no one really walks in New York
      except on the milonga pista).



      Best regards,
      Reuven mailto:tango@...
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