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Close-Embrace.com: New Neo Tango Shoes + Photos + Ask Maleva + Classes!

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  • Jennifer Bratt
    Hello All - Welcome to the Close-Embrace.com Newsletter. CONTENTS: 1-New NEO TANGO SHOES in Stock 2-Robin & Jennifer s Classes & Practica at Empire Tonight --
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2005
      Hello All -

      Welcome to the Close-Embrace.com Newsletter.

      1-New NEO TANGO SHOES in Stock
      2-Robin & Jennifer's Classes & Practica at Empire Tonight -- VOLCADAS @ 8
      3-New Tango Teacher at Empire Dance: Ney Melo
      4-Four New Pages of Photos Posted to Close-Embrace.com
      5-Ask Maleva Advice Column: "My Partner Moves Her Arm & Shoulders to the

      (Coming in the next newsletter -- more Ask Maleva questions, photos, and an
      interview with Homer Ladas of San Francisco!)


      1. Maleva and Co. of NYC has just received another new batch Neo Tango dance
      shoes! Neo is one of the newest and most popular brands of Argentine Tango
      shoes, and we have the latest styles direct from Buenos Aires. Please click
      here for all the ordering info and photos of the Neo Tango shoes:

      We also have a few pairs of Comme il Faut shoes in stock. If you have any
      questions or would like more information, please email
      jennifer@... .

      If you live in NYC and would like to try on a pair, we will be showing a
      selection tonight (June 9th) at El Abrazo Practica from 9-11:30 at Empire
      Dance (see address below).


      2. The June special at Empire Dance Studio is a Tango Unlimited pass for
      $196 -- take all 12 hours of tango classes per week plus get the Thursday
      practica and Wednesday's Patio de Tango milonga included. Tonight Robin and
      Jennifer's classes start for the June cycle. We will be teaching Milonga in
      the intermediate class at 7 PM and Volcadas (dramatic and exciting 'falls')
      in the 8 PM advanced class. See the complete schedule of tango classes at
      http://www.empiredance.com . Empire is located at 127 West 25th street
      between 6th/7th aves, 11th floor.
      Call 212.645.2441 to pre-register.


      3. Empire Dance Studio is proud to boast a tango staff who is dedicated to
      teaching the essential skills for dancing in the milongas, and who is
      up-to-date in their teaching methods. The goal of the teachers at Empire is
      to give students the best tango education and to continue to make a
      difference in the NYC tango community. Empire Dance is pleased to welcome
      Ney Melo back to the teaching staff. Ney is among the best of the new
      generation of Argentine Tango dancers. His "close-embrace" tango style
      evolved from his experiences in the milongas of Buenos Aires and his
      extensive studies with masters of the traditional and nuevo styles of the
      dance. Ney has become a highly requested teacher for his innovative teaching
      methods and passion for teaching. He is on the faculty at NYU and has
      recently taught and performed in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia, as well
      as at the Portland Valentango, the DC Tango Marathon, the "NY Meets Boston"
      festival, and the Toronto TangoFest.

      Check out Ney's classes on Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights at Empire.


      4. New candid photos are posted on Close-Embrace.com! See familiar faces
      at South Street Seaport in NYC, as well as at the Toronto TangoFest and in
      Houston and Albany NY milongas. Find all the photos at:


      The world of Argentine Tango and the milongas is complex and can be
      confusing. Have a question or unsure about something, no matter how trivial?
      If you are wondering about dancing tango, tango etiquette, the milonga
      scene, the music, or whatever, don't hold it in any longer! Write to:

      * * *
      Dear Maleva,
      Occasionally I find myself with a partner who likes to move her
      shoulders or arm in time with the music. I am not sure what to do about
      that. It feels odd not to respond with similar movement, but it's not
      natural for me. On the one hand, I am not sure if I should let a
      follower lead me like that and on the other not following the follower
      inhibits making a nice connection.
      What to do?

      * * *
      Dear What to Do --

      Sometimes when a person is dancing (either leader or follower) and is really
      into the music, they let the rhythm vibrate throughout their whole body and
      you can feel it no mater where you are touching them. When you dance, you
      should dance with your whole body, not just your feet and legs; tango
      doesn't have to be and shouldn't be stiff. These movements should be done
      in a way that adds to the musicality of the dance, but not overdone so they
      become distracting. Hopefully this is what you feel in the followers. They
      should not be moving so much that they are jerking you around, or making the
      dance uncomfortable, or interfering with connection. You don't need to
      respond or try to do the same thing that they are doing. That would be like
      2 people talking at once and nobody listening to the other. The follower is
      not leading you; you are still leading. She is just expressing what she
      feels in the music.

      There is a common arm movement that I've felt a lot of men do, especially
      the older dancers. The guy will lightly pulse his left arm to the rhythm as
      he leads something Quick-Quick-Slow. Ladies can do this too. It should be
      subtle and not really visible. Although I've seen Julio Balmaceda
      performances on video where he does this arm bounce and you can see it.
      Probably there are other examples as well.

      So, you could let the follower's movement inspire you to try a similar
      movement when you hear something in the music you want to express.
      Experiment with it! It can be very subtle...or if it's not natural for you,
      don't worry about it, just let the follower do her thing.

      (Also see the past column on the "shoulder embellishment" here:
      http://www.close-embrace.com/malevaarchive/december2004.html )

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