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Friday April 18, Salon Reale celebrates Thomas' Bday w/ a performance by Hana and Thomas!

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    Dearest Salon Realistas, It is with pleasure that we would like to share with you a few special performances celebrating Thomas birthday! For this occasion,
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      Dearest Salon Realistas,
      It is with pleasure that we would like to share with you a few special performances celebrating Thomas' birthday! 
      For this occasion, your hosts, Hana and Thomas, will perform at midnight and the man with the velvet voice, Stratos Ahlatis will sing one or two for your pleasure and enchantment. This is going to be a very special night for all of us at Salon Reale...From us to YOU!
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      9:30pm open level class by Thomas and Hana
      Midnight performance by Hana Nar and Thomas Reale
      Later on, a song or two with Special guest - voice and guitar duet with Stratos Ahlatis and Kostas Tsoukalas.
      131 W 35th street, 5th flr.- btwn 7th ave and Broadway,

      For free: BIRTHDAY CAKE!! Sangria, wine, homemade seasonal desserts, signature addictive sandwiches.
      ON SALE: ALMA tango footwear collection, Exclusively at Salon Reale - Spring Sale!!

      DJ: Anthony Blackwell - The Diviner
      For the readers, a little background on Thomas & Hana:
      Thomas Reale has been a professional tango dancer and teacher since 1997. His inspired and spontaneous dance style is a striking expression of elegance and sensuality, showing in every step how sophisticated and spellbinding Tango can be. As a teacher he is known for making Tango accessible to his students. He concentrates on essence, musicality, creativity, posture, balance and communication between the partners, distilling the essentials of Tango learned first hand from dancers of the older generation.
      He has practiced internal martial arts and various forms of dance all of his life. His gift has been an uncanny ability to reach the very essence of these arts as well as the art of Tango, allowing the audience to perceive as effortless the most complex movements. The martial arts primary principle: “economy of motion equals maximum efficiency “ seamlessly applies to his vision of tango.

      He has studied with Tango teachers of diverse backgrounds such as:  Carlos Gavito, Puppy Castello, Osvaldo Zotto, Miguel Zotto, Graciela Gonzalez, Guillermina Quiroga and Roberto Reis, Pablo Veron, Omar Vega, , Julio Balmaceda, Roberto Herrera, Mingo Pugliese,  Giselle-Anne and Gustavo Naveira, Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo and Tete among others. However as he himself states, he has learned the most at the milongas of Buenos Aires and New York.

      His teaching and performance engagements in NYC  include:  Carnegie Hall, La Belle Epoque in a guest performance with Susana Miller, Consulate of Argentina, Essex House Hotel, Univision T.V. , CBS special program with Mariela Franganillo, Maury Poviche Show, Four Seasons Hotel, Parco P.I., T.V. Show and The Palace Hotel.  In Miami, he performed at Dance Masters of North Miami, Second Miami Tango-Thon, Baile on the Beach and Fontainebleau Hilton in Miami Beach.

      Hana Nar is a well-rounded dancer with her roots in classical ballet since the age of five and her study of modern ballet as well as Oriental / Arabic dance and African dance, she entered tango as the ultimate dance-form which allows for the expression of personality and dialogue with a partner.  With her background as a designer, Hana adds a refined aesthetic sense and brings out the purity and precision of the body's lines in the dance form.  She has studied under Millena Brufman, Lorena Ermocida, Giselle-Anne and Gustavo Naveira, Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo, Roberto Herrera and her partner Thomas Reale. 

      Thomas and Hana enjoy teaching together in NYC and sharing the gift of dance with their students at all levels.

      "Thomas and Hana, stand apart for the sensuality of their improvisational tango.  The magnetism of their dance and dialogue together is palpable." - Joanne H,


      We look forward to seeing you all at our elegant and friendly milonga!
      $17 entry - all inclusive.

      Our Salon is your Salon...no matter where we go!
      Abrazos, Thomas and Hana
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