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OCT. 18 is SALON REALE time w/ Rocio de los Santos and Luciano Capparelli performing and teaching!

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  • thomas tango
    The THIRD Friday of the month will be *Oct. 18th* and it will finally be SALON REALE time again! Mark your calendars now! We are preparing an incredible
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2013
      The THIRD Friday of the month will be Oct. 18th and it will finally be SALON REALE time again!  Mark your calendars now!
      We are preparing an incredible evening for you with the beautiful Rocio de los Santos and Luciano Capparelli performing and teaching!
      DJ: Anthony Blackwell - The Diviner.
      Our elegant and friendly milonga is :10:00pm- 2:00am.
      9:30pm class with Rocio and Luciano (interm/adv.) and w Thomas and Hana (beginner)

      Aga Mroz's seductive tango apparel collection, The Gift of Dance,  will the displayed for sale. And so will gorgeous and ULTRA-comfortable Greta Flora shoes.
      Because we like to spoil you, we will have a delicious seasonal desserts table for your pleasure along with our addictive vietnamese sandwiches and more...all COMPLIMENTARY. 
      As usual, Free SANGRIA / WINE.
      All that at our beautiful salon: The Ball NY at 131 w 35th street (between Broadway and 7th ave, 5th flr). 

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      For those who like a little background check:

      Rocio de los Santos began to study tango at age 15.  Between the years 1998-2000 she had acquired the three prices in the youth competitions of Buenos Aires, and her first trips to Europe and the U.S.  Shortly thereafter, she began to work with international artist such as the Great Master Juan Carlos Copes, Maria Nieves Rego, Guillermo Fernandez, Jorge Rojas,  Juan DartesJuan Carlos Baglieto, Lito Vitale.

      Their performance with Tango Fire at the Fringe Festival, in Scotland, obtained an outstanding review from the New York Times.

       No couple, however, was as beautifully lavish as Luciano Capparelli and Rocío de los Santos. In each of their tangos, tension gave way to voluptuous softness, and powerful overhead lifts melted onto the floor in silken extensions. As the title goes, they were on fire.

      The New York Times Nov 2006

      In 2002, Rocio and Luciano Capparelli begin performing together as  the main couple in the show Corazon de Tango, held in Punta del Este( Uruguay), choreographed by Milena Plebs.

      In 2003 , they join "Color Tango Buenos Aires" with the orchestra Color Tango, directed by Natalia Hills and Francisco Forquera.  In July  2003 they are elected to be part of the renowned tango musical "Tanguera", produced by Diego Romay, artistic direction of Omar Pacheco and choreography by Mora Godoy  and they participate in Shanghai-Beijing tour.

      They have performed at the Teatro El Nacional, Teatro Astral and Teatro Liceo -  Buenos Aires, as well as Mexico and Chile, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand.

      In 2005 with Tanguera El Musical Argentino they tour mexico, Vienna and zurich.  Followed by a Russian tour with at  the Chekhov Theatre in Moscow and the Staatsoper Unter den Linden Theater in Berlin.

      They have performed at City Center in NYC and all the major US cities in many states including Miami, Philadelphia, Santa Fe, Boston, Houston, Austin.

      This year, they are invited to participate in Tango Secrets Festival, in Argentina , where they will be accompanied by renowned dancers and teachers like Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte and  Maria Nieves among others.

      And in their hometown,  Rocio and Luciano have performed at the most renown tango houses such as Esquina Homero Manzi. Casablanca. The Querandi. Café Tortoni. Piazzolla Tango. Señor Tango. Tango Porteño And Esquina Carlos Gardel  in which they are currently working.

      Want to see how stunning you look dancing under red silks? Missing us too much between Fridays? all good reasons to visit our Facebook/Salon-Reale page, link below - 'LIKE' us.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Salon-Reale/151317785030332.
      All of that and much more (how?)in the beautiful Buenos Aires ambiance of Salon Reale at the heart of Manhattan.
      $17 entry - all inclusive.
      Our Salon is your Salon!
      No matter where we go!

      Abrazos, Thomas and Hana

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