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ALEX KREBS in NYC Sept 21-22. Registration is open: early bird rates

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  • Tine Herreman
    *Alex Krebs teaching is without equal.* He gets in the minds of leaders and followers and leaves you with a better understanding of how to make each other and
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      Alex Krebs' teaching is without equal. He gets in the minds of leaders and followers and leaves you with a better understanding of how to make each other and yourself happy on the dance floor. Alex will glaze your repertoire with musicality, and liven up your tango with individuality and creativity.

      Alex Krebs NYC September 21-22  2013

      Early bird online registration is open and rolling at 
      Get the 6-pack for only $26 each, less for couples.
      Last year the workshops were all sold out in advance.

      Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/145066852364877/, great for partner search.

      TOPICS (all topics except one are Intermediate + Advanced)
      Saturday Sept 21
      1pm Fundamentals I: posture, axis, walk, embrace
      3pm Fundamentals II: Technigue for overrotated and spiral movements
      430pm Alex's Newest Brain Sizzlers: Super Advanced Couples Challenge (partner needed for this one)

      Sunday Sept 22
      2pm Giro Technique for Lead & Follow; Embrace & Combination Effects
      4pm: Milonga: Sophisticated Traspie Combos from the Old Masters + the Technique Secrets. (interm & advanced)
      530pm Expression and Fraseo (int & adv)

      All workshops are 90 minutes.

      Awesome new location: bright and spacious with great sound and beautiful floor. 
      Red Bean Studios
      320 West 37th St Room 702

      Performance and pre-milonga class at Nocturne Tango Salon
      On Friday, teaser performance at Grand Opening of Sarah La Rocca's Friday Milonga at Dardo's

      About Alex Krebs
      Alex Krebs has been teaching and performing Argentine Tango
      internationally since 1997. His clarity of concepts and technique is what makes his teaching stand out -- focusing on the ability to have strong technique, connection, and musicality and the ability to adapt to the person you are dancing with.
      He has also been a musician his whole life, focusing on playing the
      bandoneón for the last 13 years and directing several tango orchestras and recording 6 albums, which gives him unique insight into the musical structure of tango. Alex has partnered with many distinguished tangueras including Luciana Valle, Florencia Taccetti, and Silvina Valz, among others, and enjoys the rich diversity of styles and perspectives that tango has to offer.

      Brought to you by Tine Herreman and Robin Thomas

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