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Salon Reale presents Mariana Parma and Omar Lagos, this Friday 16th at our NEW VENUE: Dance Times Square!

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  • tangothomasandhana
    Dear Salon Realistas ,á This Friday we bring you a very special couple, Mariana Parma and Omar Lagos , along with their magical connection, to perform at
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2013
    Dear 'Salon Realistas', 
    This Friday we bring you a very special couple, Mariana Parma and Omar Lagos , along with their magical connection, to perform at Salon Reale's NEW VENUE for August : Dance Times Square! It's One of THREE LAST chances to dance under that beautiful ceiling so don't miss out...the studio will be closing its doors permanently starting September.

    7:30-8:30pm class w/ Thomas and Hana
    11:45pm Performance
    8:30-2:00am MILONGA!
    DJ: Anthony Blackwell - The Diviner
    Free wine and SANGRIA!
    Free food : Caprese.  
    Do reserve a table - they go fast! (email:tango.thomasandhana@...).

    For those who like to read, a little background check:
    Mariana Parma:
    Dancer, Choreographer, and Actor. Mariana Parma is widely known and admired for her passion and versatility in dance, combining her dance technique with her acting skills, which results in a breathtaking and sensational performance. She is an in-demand performer and has choreographed theater productions, and commercials. Mariana has been featured in film, including Random Hearts, and national TV. Based in NYC, Mariana's theater credits include, Tango Fever, Evita, Swing, the musical, Swango,(co-producer), Tango Por Ellos, Tango Connection, Glamour Tango, Romulo Larrea’s Tango Ensemble and numerous Tango productions throughout her career. Internationally, she choreographed Tango for a major Parle commercial in Mumbai, India, starring Bollywood star Roshan Hrithik. She taught and choreographed Chita Rivera in tango, for her role in Venecia, directed by the late award winning American Playwright, Author Laurents and coached the legendary Tommy Tune in Tango. She is also the 2008, USA Tango Champion, in Tango Salon along with Omar Lagos.

    Omar Lagos

    He is one of the most sensitive and stylish salon dancers in the New York tango scene. He was the 2008, “USA Tango Salon Champion” and semifinalist in the “Mundial de Tango” competition, in Buenos Aires, Argentina along with his partner Mariana Parma.

    He believes what makes a great tango dancer is the embrace, elegance in the walk and musicality. These are the fine traits that define his dance, which makes him a sought-after leader and teacher. Omar Lagos teaches every Wednesday night Beginner classes at Astoria Tango School.

    Want to see how stunning you look dancing? Missing us too much between Fridays? Visit our Facebook/Salon-Reale page, link below - 'LIKE' us.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Salon-Reale/151317785030332.
    All of that and much more (how?)in the beautiful Buenos Aires ambiance of Salon Reale at the heart of TIMES SQUARE.

    See you all at Dance Times Square-156 west 44th street (between 6th and 7th ave.) 
    $15 entry - all inclusive.
    8:30pm-2:00am milonga.

    Our Salon is your Salon!
    NO MATTER WHERE WE GO. Abrazos, Thomas and Hana
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