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Milonga workshop Friday 5th.

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  • Maria Jose Sosa
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2 12:23 PM
      >> Milonga Workshop
      >> Friday July 5th.
      >> From 6:30 to 8:30pm.
      >> At Stepping Out Studiost: 37 W. 26th Street, 9th floor.
      >> A 2 hours of milonga workshop. Musicality and interpretation of different orchestras. Fluidity and "cadencia" in milonga (lisa and traspie).
      >> Milonga, or like a friend of mine calls: "happy tango". The feeling of milonga is different than the feeling of tango or the vals. It has a different "cadencia".
      >> But, not all the milongas are the same, we find slow milongas like "Negrito" by Canaro or fast ones like "Flor de Montserrat" by Biagi. Our interpretation can not be the same.
      >> In this workshop we will work in the connection Music-Movement, the music has to inspire our dance.
      >> Lets get inspired!
      >> Maria Jose Sosa
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