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TutT Milonga June 22, 2013 -- New Venue Special Guests

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  • Dave Ellman
    Tango under the Tent Milonga At VASTU 17 Main Street Warwick, NY 10990 (Upstairs - 2nd floor) To Advance Argentine Tango in the Hudson Valley _______________
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      Tango under the Tent Milonga


      At "VASTU"
      17 Main Street
      Warwick , NY 10990
      (Upstairs - 2nd floor)


      To Advance Argentine Tango in the Hudson Valley



      A Spectacular Start at our Summer Location!

      Featuring Gustavo Rios and Francesca Nardi


      Tango milonguero & chacarera lessons with guest instructors Gustavo Rios and Francesca Nardi, plus open dancing and performances by Gustavo and Francesca

      Milonguero style tango class: 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm.     Chacarera class: 7:15 pm to 8:00 pm.

      Open dancing milonga at 8:00 pm            Performance at 10:00 pm


      As a home-warming present, classes and milonga are free of charge for our members.

      Non-members $15.00


      –– About our guest instructors ––


      Gustavo Rios was born and raised in Buenos Aires into a family of traditional milongueros. An outstanding professional tango and Latin dancer, he got his start with tango before he took his first breath—his mother danced throughout her pregnancy. He relates that, as an infant, instead of lullabies he was put to sleep to the beautiful lyrics and cadence of his mother's favorite tangos. No wonder he grew up to love Argentine tango and dance it with such feeling and style! Trained as a teacher in the Institute of Education Science and Philosophy of Buenos Aires (1984-1988), Gustavo perfected his tango technique in the Escuela Argentina de Tango in Buenos Aires .

      Francesca Nardi trained in ballet and acting during her childhood in Italy . She performed with the Ballet School of the Francesco Morlacchi Opera Theatre in Perugia (an affiliate of the London Royal Academy of Dance) and the Theatre Academy of the University of Perugia (CUT). After graduating from the University of Perugia , she lived and worked in France and in Bulgaria , where she has taught ballet and theatre to both adults and children. As an actress, she performed both in Italy and abroad. She was a member of the Italian delegation to the European Festival of Culture in Krakow , Poland . Since arriving in New York City , she has been performing Argentine tango with the renowned masters Orlando Ibarra Reyes and José Luis Delgadillo at the DanceSport Studio. She teaches tango to students at all levels in several NY studios.


      goddess copiageraldine_4dd2ae53bd6a8


       * * *   Shoes, shoes, shoes!   * * *


      This week we will have an opportunity to buy dance shoes from the collection of Natalia Kansburg


      We would like to thank everybody who contributed delicious goodies at our last milonga. Thanks to our attendees, we feasted on deviled eggs, cheese, fruit, nuts, and a variety of cakes, cookies, and brownies--not to mention an assortment of wines.

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