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NEW CYCLE! Tango Choregraphy Intensive

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    http://www.learnargentinetango.com/schedule/stage-tango-fundamentals/choreography-intensive/ Strictly Tango NYC invites you to explore the beauty of: STAGE
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      Strictly Tango NYC invites you to explore the beauty of:
      Choreography Intensive: 12-hour course, 8 weeks.

      Saturdays from 4 to 5:30. New Choreography cycles starting Saturday May 4th

      Tango show producer Sergio Segura is preparing a special program for those who want to learn exciting tango moves and perform stunning choreographies. Students will receive professional level training and will learn complete routines worthy of performance.

      The Choreography Intensive will work towards the goal of allowing excelling students to show off what they have learned by performing at Sergio Segura’s events and productions

      Course Description:
      This course will train students to perform. Those who master the choreography will have opportunities to perform in Sergio Segura’s Tango Productions.

      Each class will consist of:
      • Body Conditioning (stretching and body warm up) 15 minutes
      • Tango Conditioning (individual tango exercises) 15 minutes
      • Stage contents. We will explore more deeply all the topics taught in Fundamentals of Stage Tango. 25 minutes (see the program below)
      • Choreography sequences. 25 minutes
      • Stretching 10 min
      The content will be emailed upon request

      Choreography Intensive (12 hours):
      Singles $378 in advance (10% OFF), $420 at the door
      Couples $714 (15% OFF) in adavance only

      Optional workshops:

      Tango for Fast Learners: (6 hours, optional) $165 in advance At the door $170.
      Pre-intermediate Bootcamp: (optional) $90 in Advance, $105 at the door

      Space is Limited!

      Sergio Segura
      Strictly Tango NYC & Sergio Segura Tango Productions
      Private classes
      Tango Salon
      Tango de Barrio
      Tango de Varones
      Tango for Fast Learners
      Preintermediate Workshop
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