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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2001
      > Starring these Greats from B.A... Gloria & Eduardo Arquimbau &
      > Jose Garofalo, PLUS NYC¹s inspiring Fabienne Bongard and Rebecca Shulman.
      > From Fri. night, Dec 28 to Jan 1, 2002
      > At DANCE MANHATTAN - 39 W 19 ST, NYC
      > www.nyctango.com
      > 212 777 6053
      > Total Package includes: Fri. night reception/milonga;
      > 3 days of classes ­ basic to advanced;
      > Sunday night full-moon walking tour of the Rockefeller Center
      > trees & lights, Plaza Hotel, to Central Park.
      > New Year's Eve Tango Ball with
      > La Madrugada (3:00 A.M.) Celebration
      > (not in pkg.): Saturday night Dinner Milonga
      > Details:
      > FRI. night - Esmeralda's Ice-breaker Milonga--an informal night,
      > meet the STAFF. (see below)
      > 8:30 - 9:30 beginners class.
      > 9:30 to late! dancing, great music, demonstrations by STAFF and refreshments
      > SAT-SUN. Classes Basic to advanced (see schedule at
      > www.nyctango.com) which will be leader-follower balanced.
      > Includes club style, adv. Argentine vals and milonga traspie, performance
      > classes.
      > STAFF: Selected for its skills and passion for teaching, humanity,
      > intelligence,
      > humor--
      > - legendary influences in the world of tango, setting the stage for the world
      > revival of the dance, in the Œ80¹s in Tango Argentino, instrumental in the
      > creation
      > of Forever Tango in 1990,
      > dedicated teachers, inspiring performers and real tango historians.
      > (See wonderful article we've linked to on the Website)
      > - a modest and marvelous tanguera-- she makes difficult moves seem easy,
      > one of the best milonga and Argentine vals teachers!
      > Member of the innovative show ³Tango Mujer², which has toured the US and
      > Europe to great reviews.
      > - internationally popular teacher Jose knows how to keep dancing fun and
      > creative. He has performed in various tango shows & theatre productions and
      > has a Tuesday night milonga ŒPorteno y Bailarin¹ in Buenos Aires. Also a
      > master of the Milonga!
      > - innovative and imaginative - Rebecca puts new twists -
      > literally and figuratively on tango, with her partner, Daniel Trenner, was one
      > of the youngest, oldest forces creating the resurgence
      > of tango in the USA. Her articulateness is worth the price
      > of admission. Also a member of ³TangoMujer² dance company.
      > Program includes yoga for tango, guided practicas, refreshments throughout
      > day, lunchtime talks (Tango History with Gloria and Eduardo, Jorge Luis Borges
      > and Tango with El Pulpo, Psychology and Tango with Oscar Gillespie)
      > Now-famous NEW YEARS EVE PARTY at Dance Manhattan!!
      > A wonderful warm event in a grand space on a silky floor.
      > Exclusive performance by the Arquimbaus with special selections from their
      > massive repertoire (They have performed together since the 50's--Eduardo
      > since the 40's. They have danced with 20 of the greatest orchestras inc.
      > Pugliese, Canaro, etc)
      > Sumptuous foods served from start to finish, champagne,
      > wines, refreshments, desserts desserts (‹inc. tanguero Stephen Chin Bow¹s
      > famous cheesecakes!)
      > Throughout the entire weekend our d.j. will be Robin Thomas, one of the
      > important d.j.s anywhere with his passion and vision for tango dancers.
      > Package is $305 to 12/10, $355 after.
      > Also tickets available separately for Esmeralda's ($15)and
      > New Year's Eve ($65 before 12/10, after $85),
      > 3-Day Class package (classes, guided practicas, talks) can also be purchased
      > separately. $255 before 12/10, $290 after.
      > Visit us at www.nyctango.com for all details, complete class schedule,
      > accommodations page, etc.
      > contact us for tickets and group discounts
      > ¡Celebrating tango!
      > Lucille Krasne 212 777-6053
      > Gayatri Martin info@...

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