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TANGO MOUVANCE 3/23, DJ Xavier Vanier & Live Quartet, Tango Mediterraneo - The Golden Age.. www.vwlphoto.com

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  • Victoria Wilde Langley
    *T A N G O M O U V A N C E M I L O N G A* @ the Breathtaking Hudson Harbor Lodge www.vwlphoto.com / www.tangomouvance.com *Learn, dance, listen and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2013
      T A N G O     M O U V A N C E     M I L O N G A

      @ the Breathtaking Hudson Harbor Lodge www.vwlphoto.com /  www.tangomouvance.com

      Learn, dance, listen and watch, and be wooed by the music...

      SATURDAY, MARCH 23rd, 2013

      7pm - MIDNIGHT - No partner necessary..

      Entry $20 - Includes:

      Milonga (Dancing) to Midnight

      7:00pm > Tango lesson w/ Xavier Vanier & Jesse Roach

      DJ: Xavier Vanier - Spinning the Golden Age

      Live Quartet: Tango Mediterraneo - Tango Melodies of the 1920's to 1950's

      Light fare and refreshments

      Tango Mediterraneo is a New York City based quartet with emphasis on traditional Argentine Tango melodies of the early 1920's to 1950's - Tango's golden era - inspired by the unique essence of Carlos Gardel, as well as the big tango orchestras of Juan d'Arienzo, Francisco Canaro, and Aníbal Troilo. Tango Mediterraneo's repertoire embraces additional inspiration from composer Astor Piazzolla, as well as classical and jazz music arranged with rhythmical, aesthetic components of Argentine Tango.

      With the quartet's core members stemming from the Mediterranean basin, Tango Mediterraneo collaborates with other extremely talented musicians such as Emilio Solla and Christos Rafalides, and performs for tango festivals, shows, social dance salons, and in theater and music scenes throughout the U.S. and Europe.

      Stratos Ahlatis - Vocals & Accordion
      Alev Gokce Erem - Violin
      Yiorgos (George) Kostopoulos - Contrabass
      Yago Vasquez - Piano

      Xavier Vanier - Granting him a facility both in his understanding of the music as well as in his movements, Xavier has an extensive background in music and martial arts that spans nearly two decades. He began tango studies with the widely respected Marika Landry, where his ease with the dance became immediately apparent. Within a few years Xavier began teaching at Tango Fabrika in Montreal and became well known throughout North America.
      Xavier continues his passion for teaching, dancing, and deepening his talent. Recent residence of several months in Buenos Aires, studying with Gaston and Moira, Xavier is greatly inspired and is in increasingly high demand at Argentine Tango events around the country, both as a teacher and DJ.

      Victoria Wilde Langley - Tango Mouvance - Artistic Director, Photographer, Voice Artist. Victoria has been dancing Argentine Tango for near 14 years. Bathed in artistic expression since childhood, Victoria's discerning eye and ear are influenced by early impressions of classic arts, poetry, and music; and from her relationship to nature and form, and the natural dance that calls us to harmony with them, our sensuality, and our emotions. Passionate about dance and stylized expression, Victoria observes to articulate depth of style and character, illuminating the unique expression of an individual artist, company, or choreographer. Within the context of a piece, or through the stages in the creative process, movement inspires her, as do temper and spirit, the art and the artist.

      Born in New York, with roots from Basra, Iraq, the Himalayas, and a decade residing in Europe, Victoria is moved by the essence of the traveler, distinct landscapes, mélange of cultures, the subtleties of expression, conflict, and coming together.

      www.vwlphoto.com Victoria’s work embraces Performance Arts: Dance, Theatre, Film Set, Musicians • Portraits • Journals • Nature Scapes • Fine Art • Cultural Events • Educational & Art Institutions 

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      Victoria Wilde Langley
      Photographer / Artistic Director

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