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3-14-13 @ L:a Nacho with Viviana Parra & Tomas Corbalan + DJ Tioma Maloratsky

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  • juanpablotango
    Every Thursday take the Subway to Buenos Aires! Learn, Dance and Love the Tango at the most Argentinean Spot in Manhattan Intermediate Tango Class by:
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      Every Thursday take the Subway to Buenos Aires!
      Learn, Dance and Love the Tango at the most Argentinean Spot in Manhattan

      Intermediate Tango Class by:

      Viviana Parra & Tomas Corbalan 

      Viviana was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
      Makes one believe that Tango is truly in her genes.
      Her dancing is a beautiful expression of the very "porteño"
      character and sensibility. She studied Modeling, Acting, Singing,
      African Dances, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian and Argentine Tango with:
      Carlos & Beatriz Amarillo BA, Tango, Julio Mendez BA, Tango,
      Pepito Avellaneda BA, Tango, Susana Miller BA, Tango,
      Tete & Maria BA, Tango, Mingo Pugliese BA, Tango,
      Graciela Gonzales BA, Tango, Pocho Pizarro BA, Tango,
      Gustavo Naveiras BA, Tango, Mariano "Chicho" BA, Tango,
      Nito & Elba NY, Tango, Guillermina y Roberto NY, Tango,
      Omar Vega NY, Tango, Berta Goldemberg BA, Acting,
      Alba Oms NY, Acting, Djoniba NY, African Dances,
      Spanish-American Institute NY, English. And more�.
      However, as she herself states, she learned the most
      at the milongas of Buenos Aires. Viviana was one
      of the founders of the Tango Group "El Viento Norte",
      she taught classes, performed, and with other members of
      "El Viento Norte" organized several successful
      milongas such as the well-know "Patio de Tango" at
      "Centro Cultural de la Rivera de San Isidro", Buenos Aires.
      Viviana has been Teaching and performing since 1993.
      Her spirited, elegant style of dancing appeals to a wide audience
      while wining the price of the milongueros. As teacher,
      Viviana is known for making the authentic Tango
      accessible to her students. She concentrates on musicality, creativity
      posture, balance, communication between the partners,
      distilling the essentials of Tango learned firsthand from
      dancers of the older generation.

      Tomas Corbalan comes from a family long associated
      with Tango, professional Tango singers, and bandoneon players.
      He took his first steps in Tango at age 7. A drummer as well as
      a professional music producer Tomas brings with him a strong affinity
      for the music of Tango as well as a love of dance.
      (the Brazilian martial arts dance, Capoeira is among his many talents.)
      He counts strongly among his influences in Tango, Chicho Frumboli,
      Gustavo Naveira, Pablo Rodriguez and Piazzolla

      Don't Miss their group classes:

      Beginners level

      Wednesdays from 8:00 to 10:00pm

      Intermediate level

      Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00 to 10:00pm

      Reflections, (250 West 49th St. 2nd Floor)

      For more info:




      Performing Tonight:

      Viviana Parra & Tomas Corbalan 




      Tioma Maloratsky


      Argentinean slang of the day:

      A ROLETE

      "Mucho; en cantidad; con profusion"

      "A lot, in quantity, with profusion"

      239 West 14th Street, NYC

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