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Say YES to the Challenge and become a better Dancer in 3 months!

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  • Carolina Zokalski
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2013
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      NEW February Schedule


      More classes! And New Study Program Starting this month!


      Let 2013 be the year you took Tango seriously and by doing so

      had more fun than ever!


      You can do it! We can help!


      This is very exiting...We are proud and glad to see our students improving and exited about learning more and better. Our school is growing, (as you can see!), there's new people stoping by every week, more people in the classes and at the practica on Saturdays, people talk about tango around town! and we've been invited to participate at numerous local events.


      They are more classes added to the schedule and now, after years of listening to each of you, and your expectations, analyzing how do you learn betterwhat your specific needs are, and possible ways to help you meet your goals, we designed a study program based on all that: YOU, your needs, the reasons why you dance, and your expectations from your school. We just starting using this study program this month and love the results!





      The Challenge: you take two classes a week, and practice as much as you can, and we guarantee you'll be a better and more confident dancer (and a happier person;) in just 3 months!


      -Improve your balance, learn the secrets to lead and follow properly, learn cool new combinations every week and get lots of personal attention from the instructors.


      Our commitment to you:


      -to provide numerous classes and opportunities to practice for all the different levels

      -to carefully evaluate new students, respect their goals and capabilities 

      and place them on the right class for their needs

      -to teach material based on those students

      -to develop a Study Program focused on helping you move to the next level at your fastest paste

      -to individually help each of our students succeed and have fun!


      Let the Authentic Argentine Tango School help you reach your goals.


      Commit to yourself to at least take two classes a day once a week or one class a day two times a week and watch the results in just a few months. 


      uu2Take advantage of the Practica every Saturday and focus on one thing at the time. Bring your questions and ask other students or Diego and Carolina and walk out every week with a better understanding and better technique you walk in. If you don't want to work on something specific and just want to dance is OK too! We learn by doing! Don't just wish you wore a better dancer, 

      BE one, set your goals and work towards achieving them. We are here to help you on every step of the way.


      Say YES to the challenge! You'll be HAPPY you did and feel proud of yourself...


      REMEMBER! If you are planning to take more than 2 classes a week, the unlimited package is theuubest option for you for only $240 a month. Go to our web site, click on classes, and click on the Mind and Body logo to book or change your classes, review your account, or to buy new packages.


      See you at the School!


      Carolina y Diego


      www.DanceTangoNJ.com                                                                     Like us on Facebook 



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