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Lounge this Friday: Luis Carpi & Iliana Maifeld-Carucci. DJ Tine

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  • Tine Herreman
    THE TANGO LOUNGE Every Friday 9.30pm - 2.30am $12 / $10 student, includes 3 classes at 8.30 DanceSport, 22 West 34th Street, 4th floor, New York.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2012
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      Every Friday 9.30pm - 2.30am
      $12 / $10 student, includes 3 classes at 8.30
      DanceSport, 22 West 34th Street, 4th floor, New York.

      On Friday Dec 14, come cheer for fresh talent: Luis from NY will perform with Iliana from Bard, sometime between 1130 and midnight. 

      This is the first time Luis and Iliana perform together, and at the same time it will be the last one before Luis leaves town for an extended trip. So be there to support them :)

      8.30pm classes:

      Intermediates with Jennifer

      Beginners with Paul

      DJ Tine

      More about our guest artists:
      Iliana Maifeld-Carucci is a dance major at Bard College, where she has been lucky to study in numerous styles of dance, making her very versatile with a great basis of technique and knowledge of the body. Through the Bard Dance Program she studies Ballet, Modern, and Flamenco. Outside of her studies, she intensively studies Argentine Tango. A dancer since she was little, she started Argentine Tango on a whim in 2010 and has been hooked ever since. She hopes to continue with a more in depth exploration of Argentine Tango abroad after she graduates in May 2013.

      Since 2009 Luis Carpi has become dedicated to pursuing tango. He discovered tango at The University of North Texas where he learned from the local teachers George and Jairelbhi Furlong. After discovering the power of connection and energy, He devoted all of his time to understand this connection and his connection with himself. He started tango with no background in dancing or athleticism. However, thanks to personal training, diligent tango exercises, and soccer, he has come to perform in Texas and have taught workshops in California. I now live in New York and continue to train when and where he can.

      Luis Carpi Luiscarpi1989@... 201-920-9492

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