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Esmeralda's Back at Session---TUES-Feb 21-TUES- my Special Birthday Milonga!!!

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  • Lulu Krasne
    I am alive and well living in NYC s famous East Village and--- I am having yet anotherBirthday Celebration back at Session 73--             But on
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2012
      I am alive and well living in NYC's famous East Village and---
      I am having yet another Birthday Celebration back at Session 73--
      But on
      TUES----FEBRUARY 21st!  for My Special Birthday Milonga!

      I miss all you old friends from ESMERALDA'S TANGO and TAPAS of lo these past wonderful 7 years. Sadly, Sunday nights will most likely become a sports bar--why they prefer a hundred fifty drinkers spending thousands on drinks to our tango dance community, I know not. Well, we had a terrific run anyway!

      Save the date!!!!!!!!!!!  If you have been coming over these years, you know how fantastic Session's is--- this charming venue--certainly one of the absolutely special venues ever anywhere--if you have not ever been, do enjoy this as a great opportunity with pleasures awaiting you!!!!!!

      Dance early! 6:00 to 11:00 (ok, if there are some of you wanting more and more we'll keep up the music.)
      Still $10!

      Just a wonderful party--only dancing and eating birthday cake and dancing and eating cake to great music with great, friendly tango folk!

      And those of you who know how wonderful Session's food is, come to eat and get the offer of COURTESY wine & beer with an order of truly delicious, nutritious tapas!

      Session 73 is at 73rd and 1st Ave, S.W. Corner.

      Thanks to you all for your queries, comments and compliments and so much love. I have dire problems with my address book as the email program I used went south for the winter, summer spring and fall. So please tell your friends about this swell assemblage as many emails and my tango groups are likely lost lost lost!!!

      For information: 212 777 6053

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