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Lounge Friday: Maria Olivera & Gustavo Benzecry Saba

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  • Tine W. Herreman
    Friends, join *Maria and Gustavo* this Friday at the Tango Lounge! You will love their *upper level class at 8.30* (included with admission) and midnight
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2011
      Friends, join Maria and Gustavo this Friday at the Tango Lounge! 
      You will love their upper level class at 8.30 (included with admission) and 
      midnight performance!
      DJ Tine

      Every Friday 9.30pm - 2.30am
      $12 / $10 student, includes special class at 8.30
      DanceSport, 22 West 34th Street, 4th floor, New York.

      Our guest stars' free class offered every week at 8.30 before the milonga, is an excellent opportunity to learn some fresh material and to be exposed to new teachers, ideas and styles; you may even find among our excellent guest stars a teacher who you really want to study more with, and who will make a real difference to you as a dancer.

      Tango Lounge has 3 simultaneous pre-milonga classes (beginners, intermediate, upper level), therefore the class participants tend to be of the appropriate skill level, and each class is smaller with more individual attention
      The upper level class with the guest teachers aims to foster creativity, improvisation, quality of movement and musicality by exploring new dimensions of known techniques that are of interest to both leaders and followers. The class topics are carefully selected to be of immediate practical use on the social dance floor. 

      So join us in the class! 

      More about our stars Maria and Gustavo:
      Gustavo and Maria met in 2003 when Gustavo was teaching a class at a small dance Studio in Palermo. Shortly after Maria became his assistant teacher at Salón Canning, where they started enjoying the pleasure of dancing together and sharing experiences they would never forget.
      They got to know each other as dancers, teachers and individuals. Little by little, they discovered love. 
      Today, Gustavo and Maria dance together on the dance floor as in life, and they travel, teach and perform at Festivals and international tango events.
      In their classes, good spirit, kindness and warmth are the highlights. This way, they lead their students throughout a pleasant learning process. Gustavo brings wisdom and thoughtfulness as he projects serenity and patience. María injects energy, liveliness, passion and dynamism. This way, they are the Yin and the Yang of an active and enjoyable teaching method. 
      When they dance, they show their love for each other, the happiness of sharing the warmth of a cozy embrace and the fantasy of a movie where the audience is always an active participant in the story.
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