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9607TANGO History VIDEO Program - Nov 2nd - Men of Tango

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  • Sergio Segura
    Oct 31, 2009
      Tango history video presentation on Mondays.
      From the Tango Preservation Project collection,
      Rare and unique historic films and videos about tango history dance from 1926 until today.
      NOVEMBER 2009 Calendar:
      Place Chelsea Studios: 151 W 26th st, 5th fl Bet (6 & 7), New York
      Day & Time: Every Monday in November, 8:30pm
      Price: $15 - Students with valid ID $10

      The lecture will be in English languaje, but the footage might contain Spanish language.

      11/2 - Men of tango - images of the most important male tango dancers including Copes, Todaro, Miguel Zotto, and others.
      11/9 - Women of tango - an overview of the women who contributed most to tango in the last 100 years: Carmencita Calderon, Maria Nieves, Milena Plebs, Guillermina Quiroga, among others.
      11/16 - Todaro Technique - a deep study of the system invented by the greatest tango teacher of all times and images from exhibitions of his best students Gabriel Misse, Natalia Hills, Geraldine Rojas and others.
      11/23 - Evolution of stage tango - for the first time ever an explanation and demonstration of how show tango evolved from simple milonguero exhibitions in milongas in the 1950s to the acrobatic competition dance of today.
      11/30 - Orillero dancers - also for the first time an explanation of one of the oldest forms of tango dance with films from the dance floors of Buenos Aires to private classes given by master orillero dancers.
      For more information and reservations, contact Sergio Segura, statnyc@..., 917-373-7446, www.learnargentinetango.com

      Sergio Segura
      Artist representative & Argentine Tango Cultural event producer
      Co-director of Strictly Traditional Argentine Tango Dance Center
      (917) 373-7446 or (917)-373-7444