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7678Alexis & Vanja teach a Soltadas workshop today, Saturday Nov. 1 at 5pm

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  • Alexis Rosen
    Nov 1, 2008
      Today, Saturday Nov. 1, Vanja and I will be teaching an advanced
      workshop on a topic that I rarely see covered in depth. Here's the
      studio blurb:

      > Soltadas (releases) & Alternative Embraces
      > Using a combination of exercises and complex but socially danceable
      > sequences, Alexis and Vanja will teach you the fundamental
      > techniques of Soltadas. Leaders and followers will both learn how to
      > break and reestablish the embrace without losing connection. You
      > will also learn how to create alternative embraces (such as front-to-
      > back and side-by-side) and how to use them with Sultadas.
      > After this intensive two hour workshop, there will be a one hour
      > practica during which you will be able to work on the material you
      > have just learned.

      I've been to plenty of workshops where the teachers will throw in a
      spin turn or release as part of a larger combination, but never to one
      where the fundamental techniques for these movements are taught. We'll
      be teaching those techniques for both leaders and followers - and
      there's a lot of new technique for both. By the end of the workshop
      you'll have a good understanding of how to lead or follow even when
      not in the traditional embrace, which will dramatically expand the
      options available to you when dancing socially.

      This is an advanced workshop. To get the most out of it, you should be
      reasonably comfortable with typical "advanced" movements: ganchos,
      boleos, barridas, sacadas, colgadas, etc. Couples are optional; you
      don't need to switch partners if you don't want to. For both leads and
      follows, rubber-soled shoes/sneakers would be an especially bad idea
      for this workshop; wear something you can pivot easily in.

      The workshop is 2 hours long, from 5-7PM, with a 1 hour practica
      immediately after (7-8PM). We're teaching it at:
      You Should Be Dancing
      412 Eighth Avenue (at 31st St.)
      4th floor (press "4" and then the "call" button on the intercom)

      As usual, we're also teaching our regular weekly classes on Sunday
      from 3-6PM, also at YSBD.