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257Seeking practice partner

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  • tangomarty@aol.com
    Mar 18, 2002
      I am seeking a female-follower interested in practicing the Gavito style,
      using the three video tapes, Un Tal Gavito, first as a template and then as
      an improvisational launch. No heavy commitment involved -- once or twice
      weekly, for an hour or two each time, either at scheduled practicas in
      Manhattan or at studio space I will rent from a dance school. If you can
      also accompany me to selected workshops, especially when Gavito is in town,
      that's a big plus. I am 6'1", 168 lbs, looking for follower approx 5'5" to
      5'11", less than 140 lbs, intermediate or above level. Good balance and
      axis control more highly prized than your knowledge of 1,000 combinations.
      Also interested in milonga traspie, portena as well as loco. My goal is not
      performance or stage oriented; rather, increased personal enrichment of the
      social Tango experience. All replies kept confidential.

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