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2565TangOblivion in November: the month of Balance

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  • nyctangoblivion
    Oct 31, 2005
      TangOblivion evenings are 2-hour structured events
      which include fundamental exercises, actual class and
      after class practice.

      Tuesdays - LEVEL II (intermediate 2 & advanced)
      From 8-10 p.m. weekly

      Fridays - LEVEL I (beginner & intermediate 1)
      From 8-10 p.m. weekly

      @ Actors Movement Studio  located 302 West 37th Street
      between 8th and 9th Ave. (closer to 8th Ave.) 6th

      Cost of classes:
      Single class cost - $20 per person
      Monthly pass cost for TUESDAY's - $75 per person
      (includes 5 classes of one calendar month)
      Monthly pass cost for FRIDAY's - $60 per person
      (includes 4 classes of one calendar month)

      Please note that NO refund would be made for missed

      NOVEMBER Tuesday's classes schedule:

      Tuesday 1st: Balance for women.PLANEO. The concept of
      leading a planeo.

      Tuesday 8th: Balance for men.Leading a GIRO while
      staying over axis.

      Tuesday 15th : Balance for both.Shared AXIS TURNS.

      Tuesday 22th: VOLCADAS milongueras.Leading various
      degrees of pivot.

      Tuesday 29th: Milonga, leading TRASPIE (syncopated)

      NOVEMBER Friday's classes schedule:

      Friday 4th: BARRIDAS and APILADO position.

      Friday 11th: MUSICALITY and PAUSES. Interpreting the

      Friday 18th: Leading and following GIROS.

      Friday 25th: Leading and following Back BOLEOS from

      Continuing to bring understanding of the dance called
      Tango, we would like to say:
      To dance Tango, the knowledge of steps/combinations is
      not enough. We need to be able to interpret the music.
      So each month we are going to focus on the major
      orchestras that have been playing in Buenos Aires for
      the last hundred years, practicing the theme of the
      day to one specific orchestra.

      For more info: info@...
      Please check: www.TangOblivion.com
      We hope to see you there!

      Angeles & Michael
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