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18505We continue with the Workshop tomorrow Saturday April 5

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  • Carlos Sampelayo
    Apr 4, 2014
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      Good Tango is not about how many Ganchos and Sacadas you can do.
      It is about Musicality, Navigation, Improvisation

      Tomorrow We continue with the New Course

      Saturday April 5

      • This course is designed for beginners or intermediate dancers Interested in learning the seven most common patterns to navigate.
      • Learn how to connect one pattern to another to move on the floor without interruption.
      • Learn to take a mistake and make it an opportunity to be creative, how to improvise or take advantage of any position and make a figure or continue moving
      • Learn to navigate and circumvent obstacles using “Kenny’s Corridor” ©
      • This is by far the best Argentine Tango course you can take.
      • In this course you will finally understand and learn what you need to dance Argentine Tango as it is danced in Buenos Aires.
      1 to 3 pm
      Tango is not about Steps,
      It is about Improvisation,
      It is about Floor Craft,
      It is about dancing in crowded floors,
      It is about simplicity,
      It is not about complexity.
      Be brave. Take risks.
      Nothing can substitute experience 
       Paolo Coelho
      In Tango, there are two kinds of steps or figures.
      The first are the choreographed steps learned with a permanent partner
      which are used in performances and exhibitions.
      The second kind are sequences which can be lead.
      These sequences can be used with any partner at any milonga in the world.
      Remember 90% is navigation and Floor Craft.
      Stop learning steps you can’t lead! Come and learn Floor Craft!
      with Karen and Carlos

      Argentine Tango 2 hour Workshop
      1:00 to 3:00 - Two hours
      Only $30 pp
      KENI’s CORRIDOR© is the most innovative concept of creating a virtual milonga environment to learn to navigate and feel at ease when dancing in crowded floors. Karen Schneider (Keni), the creator of KENI’s Corridor, and Carlos Sampelayo, will show you the different solutions to circumvent and avoid any obstacle you may find on the floor.

      As a dancer of Argentine Tango, you have realized the problem of improvising patterns and figures to circumvent the natural obstacles of encountering other dancers on the floor.  The ability to dance on a crowded floor is known as Floor Craft.

      Many dancers and students of Argentine Tango find themselves at a loss when the music starts and feel they are in the way of other dancers.  Why?  Mainly because they have been taught, for the most part, a series of “steps” with very little instruction as to how to find elegant solutions to circumvent other dancers, therefore avoiding collisions and at the same time following the line of dancing.

      Learn to comfortably dance on a crowded floor by learning the various possibilities at any particular point. 90% of Argentine Tango dancing is navigating and, perhaps, 10% is dedicated to steps. If you want to dance Argentine Tango, you first need to learn to navigate and then, if there is space, you can execute a step. Argentine Tango is not about steps.
      This Workshop is intended for Argentine Tango dancers who are beginners or have been taking lessons and find themselves overwhelmed and unable to comfortably dance at a milonga.
      Come this Saturday at 1:00 p.m. and learn the freedom Argentine Tango offers.
       The cost of the two hour workshop is only $30.
      Argentine Tango
      Have you been learning tango and....
      •    have learned a new step every week but don’t know how to put them together?
      •    feel you don’t know how to navigate?
      •    have been told to improvise but don’t know how?
      •    you sit down when the music starts and don’t know what to do.?
      Then this workshop is for you. In just two hours you will be able to put it all together and enjoy dancing Argentine Tango.

      Chosen by Westchester Magazine

      as the Best Argentine Tango Instructor

      Second Finalists in the 7th USA Tango Championship (2013)

      Carlos and Karen (Keni)

      Certified Tango Instructors

      sampelayo@... or tangodance@...

      Dance Argentine Tango in Hawthorne, NY,

      Broadway 26 Dancing

      26 Broadway Avenue, Hawthorne, NY


      We teach using the fastest method to learn Argentine Tango

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