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18117Stop learning steps - Learn to navigate and improvise

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  • Carlos Sampelayo
    Jan 19, 2014
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          Tomorrow Monday January 20
      Group Class
      Argentine Tango
      Have learned a step every week?
      Good but when you get to the milonga,
      you feel there is not enough room to do the step
      you feel other dancers are in your way,
      you start bumping against other dancers,
      and yes you keep stepping on other dancers.
      Then these classes are for you!
      Dancing Argentine Tango is about
      navigating and improvising.
      Beginners 6 pm and Intermediate 7 pm.
      Are you an Intermediate or a Beginner? Have you been learning tango for a year or more and....
         .... have learned a new step every week but don’t know how to put them together?
          .... feel you don’t know how to navigate?
          .... have been told to improvise but don’t know how?
          .... you sit down when the music starts and don’t know what to do.?
      Then these classes are for you!
      In just a few lessons you will be able to put it all together and enjoy dancing Argentine Tango.
      BOW LD

      Chosen by Westchester Magazine

      as the Best Argentine Tango Instructor


      Carlos and Karen will be here to answer your questions.

      USA Karen and Carlos-2 Karen and Carlos4-2

      Certified Tango Instructors

      sampelayo@... or tangodance@...

      Dance Argentine Tango in Hawthorne, NY,


      26 Broadway Avenue, Hawthorne, NY

      Group Classes every Monday

      Beginners 6 to 7 pm

      Advanced 7 to 8 pm

      We teach using the fastest method to learn Argentine Tango

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