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17667NO TANGO CLASS by HERNAN BRIZUELA This Friday OCT 18th, 2013 > Due his artistic participation on the Fabulous Show "RECUERDO TANGO".

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  • Iorgo Papoutsas
    Oct 17, 2013
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      So go ahead and make sure to get your tickets. Only 3 days - Starting THURSDAY OCTOBER 17th!
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      A Tango tale in three parts, "Recuerdo" reflects on the present, past, and every day life through a series of vignettes. Featuring nine outstanding dancers, a quartet and vocalist under the direction of renowned dancer and choreographer Mariella Franganillo and Bob McAndrew,"Recuerdo" combines both early and modern expressions of tango to explore a variety of forms of memory- ranging in tone from passionate to comical and reaching the boundaries of tender to tormented. Rediscover the vitality of Tango in an evening of impassioned dance.

      "The artists conjured some real chemistry in their closely linked, swirling duos and their taut, whiplash footwork." - The New York Times
      Thursday- Saturday, October 17th -19th at 7:30 pm
      Presented @ PACE PRESENTS
      3 Spruce Street, New York, New York
      (212) 346-1589 / abuell@...
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      Next Chance 
      FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 8:30pm - 10pm.
      (weekly pattern: Every Friday)

      By all means come and learn how to enjoy the magic and art of a real heartfelt embrace!
      Hernan Brizuela is highly prized by his students for ability to teach something very ephemeral, hard to demonstrate, capture or explain in words - ability to teach the connection in Tango, true lead and follow.
      If you ever wonder how much of movement in Tango is actually led - Hernan’s answer is very simple: EVERYTHING. It is up to leader to decide the direction of the movement, the amount of rotation, placement of follower’s feet, size of the step, placement and speed of weight change, depth of the cross, height and type of boleo, speed of the giro… All this and more is all in leader’s hands.

      And the followers? The response to leader's proposal of movement still belongs to follower who can interpret how to most creatively use given time, impulse and direction to respond to music and emphasize chemistry between partners created during dance. What will most surprise you in these classes is the epiphany of re-discovering your own body and regaining the power over it. The ability to feel instead of just letting your body simply fall into the movement. In these classes you will learn the power of vulnerability and the power of trust. Truly liberating.

      Curious how this is done? How to master those exceptional skills (or ‘magic powers’ as some students call them) - Come to the class! One warning though: miracles do happen, but very rarely. Don’t expect immediate transformation. Prepare for weeks and weeks of work. Be consistent - Come to every class and do not let yourself miss a minute of it.



      1 person ― 1 single class $25
      1 person ― 4 Classes $80
      1 couple ― 4 Classes $120
      *And of course, please note that Hernan Brizuela is also open to teach PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL LESSONS.
      So don't hesitate, just go ahead and seize the opportunity of doing so NOW that he will be around!*

      ● Classes held at 37 West 26th Street, 9th Fl, New York, NY, courtesy of Stepping Out Studios. ●

      ● To book your spot Call or Email Iorgo Papoutsas at: 646.246.3323 / iorgo.elgreco@.... ●

      You can also prepay by visiting: http://www.hernanbrizuelatango.com/enrollment.html