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14902File - Reminder of the purpose and rules on the group

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  • NewYorkTango@yahoogroups.com
    May 1, 2012
      This is a reminder sent to members regarding the use and purpose of the New York Tango group.
      The group is for the Argentine Tango enthusiasts interested in Tango in the New York City Metropolitan area, who want to communicate with each other regarding Tango life.

      The discussion is moderated, and in English only (translations below the posting are permitted).

      Members may discuss any aspect of Argentine Tango - dance, music, instruction, activities etc - at any time, as often as needed, as long as they follow the civility rules.

      Please be civil, courteous and understanding to the fact the we have members representing different cultures and nationalities, virtually from all over the world. Also - NO adult material/links, NO politics, NO religion, NO Spamming


      1. This is NOT a commercial mailing list - it�s the New York Tango community. Advertisement of Products (clothing, shoes, artwork etc.), Services (Real Estate, Travel etc.) are not permitted.

      2. Out of area Tango organizers who have information of interest to New Yorkers may announce those events once, well in advance, with a possible reminder before the registration deadline.

      3. Please address your postings to NewYorkTango@yahoogroups.com - no multiple TO: , no CC, no BCC, no "undisclosed" recipients and not to "your name". No forwards please - remove all quotes (>>>>) if any and no instructions of how to get off YOUR mailing list.

      To announce events other than in NY, please sign up for the Tango - L and Tango - A lists:


      * Do not post more then once a day nor on 2 consecutive days

      * Do not duplicate same event announcements posted by others, unless you post at least 2 days later

      The moderators may reject messages deemed inappropriate for posting at their discretion.
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