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1298Spring in Buenos Aires, Still Time to Sign up

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  • Laura Chummers
    Sep 1, 2004
      "If you desire the excitement of tango and Buenos Aires - I recommend Laura Chummers Tanguera Tours
      exclusively for women. These tours are custom tailored for each individual taste and need. You will be exposed to the real tempo of Buenos Aires - its history, people, food, shopping and dance! The tango lifestyle you will experience through outstanding instructors, numerous milongas and seductive shows. I highly recommend this outstanding tour if you are looking for the total tango experience."
      ------Carole Rae, founder and professor of the Dept. of Dance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

      I promise that I didn´t pay her to say that ;)

      Hi ladies. I only want to briefly announce that there is still room in the October and November 2004 All Women Tanguera Tours. And if I am repeating myself, it´s worth a second mention: Spring in Buenos Aires is magical!

      I found that making the dates flexible permitted many more women the opportunity to come. So while the dates are suggested to be Oct 9th-18th and Nov 12-21st, I am willing to work the dates around the needs of the women interested in coming. So if you think that you can manage to take some vacation time and are interested in the tour, please let me know.

      Tanguera Tours offers a unique 10-day full package trip so you can focus on learning the tango, living the drama and romance of Buenos Aires´ dance halls, fulfilling your dance dreams, and pampering yourself to the max.

      You will enjoy 7 semiprivates and 2 totally private lessons focusing on women´s technique with some of BsAs best teachers. In a small and nimble group we can zip around to many milongas and do the sightseeing and shopping according to your wishes.

      To see more details of the trip, go to www.tangueratours.com.

      Saludos, Laura

      Oct 9th-18th
      Nov 12th-21st
      Dec 10th-19th
      If none of these dates work for you, please tell us which would.
      We are willing to arrange shorter or longer stays as your needs dictate.
      tangueratours@... | www.tangueratours.com

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