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Who are the REAL Terrorists

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  • CM Boisvert
    From: Christopher Rudy The Zionist Terror Network For complete book and notes go to: On January 26, 1972, a JDL team
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      From: Christopher Rudy 

        The Zionist Terror Network
      For complete book and notes go to:

      On January 26, 1972, a JDL team firebombed the New York City offices of a US-Soviet cultural exchange agency. Killed in the fire was a 27-year-old secretary (who happened to be Jewish). Thirteen others were injured. One participant, Sheldon Siegel, confessed to police that he had made the bomb, and provided the names of the others involved in the crime. Several years later Kahane acknowledged JDL responsibility for the crime. However, the case against the JDL members who were charged in the incident was eventually dismissed on a technicality.

      In May 1972, ten JDL thugs broke into the Austrian consulate in Washington, DC, and beat Austria's ambassador to the US, Karl Gruber, as well as the building's janitor.

      In May 1974, JDL members attacked Arab-American community activist Dr. Mohammed Mehdi with a lead pipe, sending him to the hospital with a broken back. It took nearly a year for the police to make an arrest, even though a perpetrator had appeared on television to boast of the deed. A short time later, Mehdi's offices in Manhattan were almost totally destroyed in an apparent arson attack.

      On February 21, 1975, a US federal court found Kahane guilty of violating terms of a probation stemming from his 1971 felony conviction for manufacturing firebombs. He had been forbidden from having anything to do with bombs, dynamite or other weapons, or encouraging violence. Citing incriminating letters written by Kahane in which he had urged followers to assassinate Russian and Arab diplomats, the judge sentenced the rabbi to one year imprisonment. Kahane served eight months of this term in a Manhattan halfway house, which he was allowed to leave every day to eat in kosher restaurants. Kahane used this period of "imprisonment" to conduct JDL business.

      In 1975, 21-year-old JDL member David Kamaiko hijacked an executive helicopter in New York City, demanding $2 million ransom to buy guns for the JDL. Kamaiko shot the pilot before he was himself subdued. (note 40)

      In 1978, Canadian JDL leader Joseph Schachter bombed the home of right-wing activist Donald Andrews.

      On April 11, 1982, JDL member Allan Goodman opened fire with a machine gun at a Muslim house of worship in Jerusalem, killing two Palestinian Arabs: an elderly man and a 20-year-old youth. After entering the mosque, he continued firing, critically wounding several people. Goodman, from Baltimore, Maryland, had received paramilitary training at the JDL's Camp Jedel in New York state. In an interview, Kahane said of the crime, "There was nothing wrong with what he did...the act was perfectly correct."

      In 1987, three members of the Jewish Defense League were arrested for their involvement in at least six bombing attacks carried out the New York area between 1984 and 1987. The accused were Jay Cohen, Sharon Katz and Victor Vancier, head of the JDL in the New York area. After admitting his role in the terror bombings, Vancier was sentenced in October 1987 to ten years imprisonment. Another JDL member, Murray Young, was sentenced to five years in prison.

      FBI officials believe that the JDL was behind the bomb blast in mid-August 1985 that killed Tscherim Soobzokov in Paterson, New Jersey, and a similar (although non-fatal) bombing attack in early September 1985 directed against Elmars Sprogis in Brentwood, New York. Soobzokov and Sprogis were falsely alleged to have been "Nazi war criminals."

      In January 1991, Kurt Haber -- identified in newspaper reports as a "Jewish Holocaust survivor" -- was charged with making criminal threats against the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee.

      On November 5, 1980, an arson attack destroyed the office, warehouse and printing plant in Sussex, southern England, of the firm that prints Did Six Million Really Die? and other revisionist publications of the Historical Review Press. Damage was estimated at 50,000 pounds. A leftist journalist, Manny Carpel, was found guilty of the crime, and sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment. (He served only a little more than a year.)

      In January 1984, in Cologne, Germany, Professor Hermann Greive, a non-Jewish authority on Jewish religious writings, was shot to death by a member of Kahane's Kach group. The murder was reportedly carried out in keeping with a Jewish scriptural injunction that demands death for non-Jews who "pry" into Jewish religious writings.

      On February 10, 1988, terrorists set fire to the automobile of German historian Ernst Nolte while it was parked at the Free University in Berlin, where he was a professor. An anonymous letter, signed with a six-pointed star, declared: "We attack Nolte because he is one of those who personally represents the continuity of fascism" and as co-founder of a "reactionary" group called the "Academic Freedom League." Nolte had been widely criticized for his moderately revisionist views of Second World War history.

      On April 20, 1991, Betar/Tagar thugs carried out a violent attack against several persons who were to attend a conference in Paris on the French writer Marc Augier. (Under the pen name of Saint-Loup, Augier wrote a series of books on the French "Legion of Volunteers," which fought on the eastern front during the Second World War.) Three or four of the victims were hospitalized. One, a 67-year-old woman, was in a coma for two months. Two Tagar members were arrested in connection with the attack, but two and a half years later they had still not been brought to trial.

      A bookstore in Paris had to be shut down for good in 1992 after repeated violent attacks by Jewish militants. The bookstore was targeted because it sold revisionist titles and was operated by revisionist publisher Pierre Guillaume.

      On October 19, 1992, a team of about 30 Betar activists shoved and insulted pedestrians, smashed automobiles, and threw tear gas at police in the central plaza of the German city of Rostock. The group was led by the "Nazi-hunting" (and anti-revisionist) husband-wife team of Serge and Beate Klarsfeld. The Betar activists, some of them carrying Israeli flags, insulted passersby with shouts of "Dirty Germans! Dirty Nazis!".

      In December 1992, the chief of the Jewish Defense League in Israel announced that he was sending teams of killers to Germany to murder "neo-Nazis." Every German who cries "Heil Hitler," or otherwise identifies himself as a Nazi, declared 33-year-old Rabbi Baruch Ben-Joseph (Baruch Green), is a target for death. (note 105) Prominent German far-right political figures are not the only persons on the Israel JDL's hit list, confided one JDL member: "Persons behind the scenes are often more important, such as the professor who denies or whitewashes the Holocaust in a book."

      The aim of the Israeli Operation Suzannah was to bomb American installations in Egypt, such as cinemas, hoping it would harm Egyptian-American ties. It is also known as the Lavon affair or Faulty Business (esek bish), after the Israeli defence minister who was forced to resign because of the incident, then deeply shocked the Israeli political system by asking to review his case.

      The operation was carried out by an Israeli military intelligence unit ("Unit 131" [1]) in 1954, but supposedly not backed by civilian Israeli leadership of that time. The operation, which was commenced in an amateurish fashion, led to the almost immediate identification and capture of the Mossad agents before any lives were taken.

      Israeli agents working in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including a United States diplomatic facility, and left evidence behind implicating Arabs as the culprits. The ruse would have worked, had not one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to capture and identify one of the bombers, which in turn led to the round up of an Israeli spy ring. Some of the spies were from Israel, while others were recruited from the local Jewish population in Egypt.


      Jewish Defense League Unleashes Campaign of Violence in America http://www.wrmea.com/Washington-Report_org/www/backissues/0799/9907081.html


      "Many rabbis and professionals have told me recently that they fear for their jobs should they even begin to articulate their doubts about Israeli policy--much less give explicit support to calls for an end to the occupation." -- Rabbi Michael Lerner Published on Sunday, April 28, 2002 in the Los Angeles Times

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