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Re: [tapten] What has become of this group?

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  • Phoenix 2012
    Maybe part of the problem is that you are working on science that has already been conquered, but VERY highly classified by $$$money$$$ and governments such
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2010
      Maybe part of the problem is that you are working on
      science that has already been 'conquered,' but
      VERY highly classified by $$$money$$$ and governments
      such as the former USSR and the USA; also a few others.
      (All governments are controlled by $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.)
      They use it for their own benefit in population reduction, or 'control,'
      and social control etc. rather than the benefit of the people.
      EVERYTHING you mentioned and more; such as weather
      (wars) control and still more.
      For example;
      Do you know that since the 70's there has even been an
      oxygen supplement pill, that IMMEDIATELY became classified
      for use for the Elite ($$$) World ($$$) Controllers only.
      It is so closely guarded that there is nothing on the web.
      I just happen to have read the article about
      'final testing' (in the mid-70's) before it was secreted
      into classification and was never heard about again.
      Imagine what it would do to the medical industry that is controlled
      by wealth and all they want is more wealth (power) since all  major
      industry, mainstream media, the scientific community and on & on,
      is controlled bu these 'people.'
      As a result we are known outside the country as having the MOST
      controlled press & media.  We are constantly either outright lied to
      or lied to by deliberate omission, which is why so many true
      investigative reporters jumped on the internet as soon as it
      became viable..
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      Subject: [tapten] What has become of this group?
      To: tapten@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 11:03 PM

      From the home page:

      T.A.P.-T.E.N. is a "Private" Non-Profit Organization that involves a majority of their research in the exploration of Aerospace Technology, Gravity Research, Gravity Displacement,Molecular Biology, Nanotechnology, Time Control Techniques, Quantum Physics , Unified Field Inertia Electrostatic Propulsion, To the exploration of examining possible methods of the absorption extraction techniques, to harness unlimited free energy sources, by utilizing a sophisticated combination of merging yesterdays technology, with today's modern high tech computer aided technological forces all under one roof.

      From looking at the messages posted here I guess the researchers are still working and not participating...

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