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[HAL838] Infowars-CFR Unveils Global Govt Agenda,G20 'Terrorist Plot' Exposed As Teenagers With Plastic Guns And Fireworks

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    ... Plot” Exposed As Teenagers W/Plastic Guns &Fireworks,Obama’s Dictator Status Expands W/Firing Of Wagoner,Luke Rudkowski Framed in Classic Set-up ,  
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      Alex talks with Bob Schulz of We The People, gets an update from Infowars producers Rob Dew and Jason Douglass, who are on the road in California covering the homeless situation and California's attempt to put the displaced in a concentration camp at Cal-Expo, and Paul Joseph Watson and Steve Watson call in with a report on the up-coming G20 in London. Alex also talks with Marty Schachter of Cal Ben Soap, covers the important issues of the day and takes your calls.
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      CFR Unveils Global Governance Agenda

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      Daniel Taylor
      Old-Thinker News
      The Council on Foreign Relations, often described as the "real state department", has launched an initiative to promote and implement a system of effective world governance.
      featured stories   CFR Unveils Global Governance Agenda


      Henry Kissinger, a CFR member, anticipates that President Obama will, "…give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. I think his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis."

      The program, titled " The International Institutions and Global Governance Program," utilizes the resources of the "…David Rockefeller Studies Program to assess existing regional and global governance mechanisms…"
      The initial funding for the program came with a $6 million grant from the  Robina Foundation, which claims that the grant is "…one of the largest operating grants ever received in Council history."
      The IIGG program,  launched on May 1st, 2008, is the latest manifestation of an agenda that has existed since and before the founding of the Council on Foreign Relations. Former CFR member, Rear Admiral Chester Ward, stated regarding the group,
      "The most powerful clique in these elitist groups have one objective in common -
      they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and the national independence of the United States. A second clique of international members in the CFR comprises the Wall Street international bankers and their key agents. Primarily, they want the world banking monopoly from whatever power ends up in the control of global government."
      The International Institutions and Global Governance Program identifies several "global issues" that require a system of world governance. Environmental issues, terrorism, the global economy and energy are all mentioned. The project then states that a system of "universal membership" could be pursued, or alternatively a regional organization, such as the European Union model.
      "In each of these spheres, the program will consider whether the most promising framework for governance is a formal organization with universal membership (e.g., the United Nations);
      a regional or sub-regional organization; a narrower, informal coalition of like-minded countries; or some combination of all three."
      The programcalls for the "Re-conceptualizing" of national sovereignty, citing the European Union’s "pooling" of sovereignty as a model. The CFR project recognizes that historically, the United States has been resistant to the ideals of global governance. The project states, "Among the most important factors determining the future of global governance will be the attitude of the United States…"
      The IIGG program continues, "…few countries have been as sensitive as the United States to restrictions on their freedom of action or as jealous in guarding their sovereign prerogatives." The program then states that the separation of powers as stated in the Constitution, along with the U.S. Congress, stand in the way of the United States assuming "new international obligations."
      As stated,
      "…the country’s longstanding tradition of liberal “exceptionalism” inspires U.S. vigilance in protecting the domestic sovereignty and institutions from the perceived incursions of international bodies. Finally, the separation of powers enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, which gives Congress a critical voice in the ratification of treaties and endorsement of global institutions, complicates U.S. assumptions of new international obligations."
      The actions of the Military Industrial Complex under the Bush Administration have served globalist interests well. "Global structures" are now presented as the mechanism to prevent such atrocities. America’s demonization is central to building a system of world governance. Patrick M. Stewart, who is currently the director of the CFR IIGG program, is anticipating the Obama administration "…
      to seek to turn the page on what many perceived to be ‘cowboy unilateralism’ of the Bush years, by embracing multilateral cooperation, re-
      kindling U.S. alliances and partnerships, and engaging in sustained diplomacy within the UN framework," as reported by Xinhua. The IIGG project itself stated in May of 2008 that, "Regardless of whether the administration that takes office in January 2009 is Democratic or Republican, the thrust of U.S. foreign policy is likely to be multilateral to a significant degree."
      Globalist forces are hard at work in the economic and political realms in an attempt to shape the future of the world, furthering the dominance of the global elite. Calls for a global currency in response to the economic crisis are regularly occurring, drawing the tacit support of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, speaking to the CFR.
      Henry Kissinger, a CFR member, anticipates that President Obama will, "…
      give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. I think his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis."
      The Council on Foreign Relations global governance program will undoubtedly be pursued under the Obama administration, which is filled with CFR members. President of the CFR, Richard Haass, is serving as a top adviser to the Obama administration. As the IIGG program admits, regardless of who sits in the White House, the globalist agenda moves forward full speed ahead.
      Steve Watson
      Tuesday, March 31, 2009
      featured stories   G20 Terrorist Plot Exposed As Teenagers With Plastic Guns And Fireworks
      Yesterday’s reports of a foiled “terrorist plot” in relation to the G20 protests in London have been scaled back after it was revealed that the house raided by police contained only plastic guns and fireworks.

      “The three men, aged 25, 19 and 16, and two women, both 20, all live in Plymouth and the surrounding area,” reported The Guardian.



      “They are political activists unaffiliated to any terrorist organisation, and were arrested at addresses in Plymouth. They are being held under terrorism legislation. The explosive devices were made from simple fireworks, police said.”

      Nevertheless, police have called in Royal Navy bomb disposal experts to deal with the weapons.

      The police have also said that they recovered “allegedly extremist materials”, without further expanding on what they might be.


      “At a press conference at Crownhill police station in Plymouth, Assistant Chief Constable Paul Netherton said the investigation was sparked when a 25-year-old man was arrested for spray-painting on a wall in Plymouth city centre - but would not comment on the nature of the graffiti,” reported the Press Association.



      It has since come to light that the graffiti read ‘Antifa’, which is the name of an anti-racist movement that advocates the use of violence against extreme right-wing groups.


      The youths, who were initially arrested on drug charges, are now being held under the terrorism act.


      Meanwhile, fresh reports have emerged alleging that anarchists are planning to pose as peaceful protesters as a cover to seed chaos in the capital.



      Hundreds of activists are hoping to fool police by pretending to be part of legitimate demonstrations, before breaking off and storming city banks, according to the London Evening Standard which says it infiltrated an anarchist leaders meeting yesterday.


      Other reports have revealed that the SAS is being readied to react to any “terrorist” activity.



      Rather bizarrely, it has also been revealed an entire network of central London’s wireless CCTV cameras will be turned off during the protests because they have been deemed to be illegal.



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      Obama’s Dictator Status Expands With Firing Of Wagoner

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      Paul Joseph Watson
      Prison Planet.com

      Tuesday, March 31, 2009
      Obamas Dictator Status Expands With Firing Of Wagoner 310309top

      The staggering spectacle of a sitting President effectively firing the CEO of a private company heralds the beginning of a new phase in the government takeover of free enterprise, according to shocked economic observers.



      Obama’s decision to send GM CEO Rick Wagoner packing on Sunday afternoon stunned a previously buoyant stock market into a 250 point drop on Monday as traders struggled to digest the unprecedented move.



      This is just the latest expansion of Obama and his administration’s power grab, using the economic crisis created by the central bankers that pull their strings as an excuse to pose as the saviors while completely sinking any chances of a real recovery by not allowing incompetent banks and corporations to fail.



      “Remember, as bad as Wagoner’s performance has been over the years, it was the federal government — not shareholders or the board of directors — that threw him under the bus,” points out CNBC’s Larry Kudlow.



      Sen. Bob Corker, who argued in favor of a government bailout of GM, called the Wagoner firing “a major power-grab by the White House on the heels of another power-grab from Secretary Geithner, who asked last week for the freedom to decide on his own which companies are ‘systemically’ important to our country and worthy of taxpayer investment, and which are not.”


      featured stories   Obamas Dictator Status Expands With Firing Of Wagoner
      Obamafeatured stories   Obamas Dictator Status Expands With Firing Of Wagoner







      He added that the move represents “a marked departure from the past,” “truly breathtaking,” and something that “should send a chill through all Americans who believe in free enterprise.”



      Financial blogger Jeff Schreiber was similarly flabbergasted at the move, noting that the Democrats have taken the Republican’s murder of the economy and turned it into a “killing spree”.



      “Today, the CEO of General Motors was fired. Tomorrow, will it be Chrysler? Will it be a bank? A retailer? A small business? Even worse, what of the effects upon individual workers who now find themselves, albeit unwillingly, under the government umbrella?”

      he writes.


      Kudlow highlights the fact that the bailout has everything to do with regulation and centralizing control, and little to do with actually laying the foundation for an economic recovery.



      “The big bankers say they are profitable. And with an upward-sloping Treasury yield curve and some market-to-market accounting reform coming from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), the outlook for banks should be getting better, not worse,” he writes. “So why is the Treasury jamming more TARP money down bankers’ throats, especially after announcing a new plan to use private capital to clean up bank balance sheets and solve the toxic-asset problem?”



      “It kinda sounds like the Treasury doesn’t want to let go of its new uber-regulator status,” he concludes.
      As we have exhaustively reiterated - the bailouts have nothing to do with providing the means for real economic recovery -
       they are simply the avenue by which the state is seizing complete control over private enterprise. That is why the Obama administration is demanding banks and companies accept more TARP money even if they don’t need or want it.
      The Democrats have mimicked the Bush administration’s fearmongering about the war on terror and applied it to the economic crisis, making dire apocalyptic proclamations and guaranteeing they will happen if Congress and the American people don’t support every instance of government intervention.
      In league with Bernanke, Geithner, and Paulson before him, they have also used intimidation and bullying tactics, threatening that martial law will be introduced in the U.S. unless lawmakers get with the program and fast-track every power-grabbing measure.
      Meanwhile, every single government action has either had no effect or made the situation worse. Before the recent bounce, which is already losing steam, the Dow Jones had lost over 1600 points from the time of Obama’s inauguration to its low on March 9.
      In reality, as Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and numerous others have stressed, the only thing that will turn the crisis around is if the government gets its nose out of the business of private enterprise, stops using taxpayer money to prop up zombie organizations, and allows competent banks and companies to pick up the pieces and set an example for a true and sustained recovery.

      Luke Rudkowski Framed in “Classic Set-up”

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      Kurt Nimmo

      March 30, 2009
      Calling in to the Alex Jones show today, WeAreChange founder and political activist Luke Rudkowski said he was set-up for arrest at the Hilton Hotel on Manhattan last Saturday. Luke was at the hotel in order to ask New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg about his refusal to help with the medical costs of 9/11 first responders. Bloomberg had promised to address the issue but has since ignored the pleas of WeAreChange and others to help first responders.
      Rudkowski said Bloomberg’s security detail and hotel security claimed he would not leave the hotel. Luke told Jones he asked to leave the premise on numerous occasions and was not allowed to do so.
      Anthony Verias, who accompanied Rudkowski, told Alex they were victims of a “classic set-up.” Verias was assaulted and brought into an office where he was subjected to intimidation and harassment by hotel security and Bloomberg’s plainclothes “goons,” as Anthony described them.
      Luke said fellow WeAreChange activist Manny Valencia was assaulted as he taped Rudkowski’s arrest and his camera was confiscated.
      Rudkowski said conditions at Manhattan Central Booking are deplorable. He said the holding cells were overcrowded with overflowing toilets and infested with cockroaches. Corrections officers told Rudkowski because his case is political his files would be lost and his court appearance delayed.
      The police would not return WeAreChange cameras and video footage because they consider it evidence in a criminal case.
      Luke was told he would have to go through the District Attorney and his lawyers to get the footage and equipment returned. Police told Rudkowski the videotapes may be erased.
      Rudkowski said police were generally supportive and helpful even though the police did not offer vouchers for WeAreChange equipment and videotapes. Rudkowski asked for the vouchers.
      Luke faces a trial in two months on a charge of criminal trespass.
      Rudkowski, Manny Valencia, and Anthony Verias will appear later this evening on the Infowarrior show with Jason Bermas.






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