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US"rejects"Iran captives exchange 15 Brits for 5 Iranians+ + + + +

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    US rejects Iran captives exchange 15 Brits for 5 Iranians+ + + + + Address:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/6512927.stm ==================================
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2007
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      US"rejects"Iran captives exchange 15 Brits for 5 Iranians+ + + + +


      ================================== T Lee Buyea - Fla News Service

      State: Ex-partner of Jeb Bush hid assets abroad, U.S. says

      `````````````````````````````````````````````````````` MSNBC.com Putin's
      sovereign democracy looks familiar
      - Like Old USSR

        ( Yea ! Tell us about it, There is a Lot of That Going Around
      These Days ! )

      Nightly News with Brian Williams - MSNBC.com

      Neo-Con: 'Execute Rosie For Questioning the Government'

      "Vote !" --> Should Rosie be fired for telling 9/11 TRUTH ? ("NO !")
      TV News- Rosie Opens 9/11 Conspiracy 'View' Debate - AOL News


      US rejects Iran captives exchange 15 Brits for 5 Iranians


      "OILWATCHDOG.org" (is as it say an oil watchdog)  
      Show things like U.S. Oil Reserves being released before elections to
      reduce gas prices etc.

      Oil Watchdog is a blog and resource library about the profiteering,
      power, and unscrupulous practices of the oil industry. OilWatchdog is a
      project of the nonprofit, nonpartisan Foundation for Taxpayer and
      Consumer Rights, which is on the web at ConsumerWatchdog.org. At
      OilWatchdog, our bloggers are looking for the schemes the industry
      employs to rip-off its customers, harm the environment and hide their
      misdeeds. We report on connections between the oil companies and the
      "independent" spokespeople and groups that always promote an industry
      view. We track the money oil companies move around to maintain political
      power and just about anything else that helps reveal the greed and
      arrogance of this industry. We rely on data, experts and instinct. But
      our project is improved and expanded by our readers, who comment on
      blogs and articles, other bloggers and reporters who watch this industry
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      Circuit City Replaces 3400 'Overpaid' Workers!  

      ( tell them what you think ? !)
      circuitcity.com - Customer Email

      Replaces $11 dollar an hour employees with $8 dollar an hour
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         CEO made 4.5 mil in salary and 5.5 mil. in stock options in 2006.
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        You might want to think about this before ever shopping at
      Circuit City again ? !
      Included Page: Circuit City Replaces 3400 'Overpaid' Workers!

      Rove aides resigning
      ( Rats leaving a Sinking Ship ! )
          Several impending departures from the White House could
      further complicate life for the hard-pressed Bush administration. Peter
      Wehner, the head of strategic initiatives, and political director Sara
      Taylor are expected to be heading for the White House exits soon,
      according to a person familiar with the situation. Barry Jackson, a
      longtime aide to Karl Rove, also is thought to be leaving soon. A White
      House spokesman confirmed Wehner's imminent departure, but declined to
      comment on the others.
          Despite the maelstrom of controversy and complication at the
      White House these days, all the departures appear to be more-or-less
      routine turnover. Several of the aides have been with the administration
      virtually from the outset.
          This is part of a "more-or-less" routine staffing change? One
      need not be a cynic to lean towards "less." Indeed, as Paul Kiel noted
      today, Taylor's name was referenced several times yesterday during Kyle
      Sampson's testimony, and was apparently involved in installing Rove
      acolyte     Tim Griffin as a U.S. Attorney in Arkansas.
      Just as the scandal hits crisis mode, the White House political director
      and a top Rove are resigning? Interesting timing, don't you think?  
        As Olbermann says, unless decency comes in pill form, it just
      isn't something The Pig Man (Rush) is going to manifest.

      `````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Cheney already
      has a statue of him self in Washington.
      FraudWasteAbuse » Darth Vader is watching you from the Washington
      National Cathedral

      Return of the lovesick swan

      TLB - FNS 1-305-448-6228
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