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  • Dana Rocco
    New Rochelle Humane Society Newsletter I am happy to be reporting that we had a great week! This week we met the nicest people and fortunately many of our
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2003
      New Rochelle Humane Society Newsletter
      I am happy to be reporting that we had a great week! This week we met the nicest people and fortunately many of our animals went home with these same great folks!
      Here is someone at the shelter, & in the photo above, I would like to introduce you to. Foxy, she is a beautiful Husky mixed with a bit of this and that and this. That's about as close as we could come to identifying her breed mix. But that's part of the fun of owning a mixed breed dog. It is your one of a kind dog. No one has a dog quite like yours! Foxy lives to play, especially with other dogs. An ideal home for Foxy would be one that has another dog or owner that likes to attend the dog parks frequently to satisfy Foxy's playful needs.
      Foxy is well mannered, so much so that we chose her to be our shelter dog represenitive at the Pet Parade in Larchmont this past Saturday. The event was well attended by over 100 resident dogs leading their owners through the main streets of Larchmont celebrating pet ownership. Foxy made us very proud with her perfect manners and graceful social skills.
       Adoptions were just great this week. We were especially happy to see several dogs go home after a quiet dog adoption week last week.
      Adopted Dogs
      Savoy- The gentle Akita will be keeping a couple from Scarsdale company.
      Leonardo- The golden mix went home Saturday to a super  Scarsdale family eager to get Leo adjusted to his new home.
      Pinto-Our little Staffie mix will be spending lots of time with his new owner who plans on bringing Pinto to work with him each day. My biggest thanks to the volunteers who worked on the rewarding for calm exercises with Pinto. It was so rewarding to watch this dog, who once barely kept a paw on the ground, sit and calmly gaze up at this adopter. Never once did Pinto jump on him! Special thanks to Junior volunteer Eric of White Plains.
      Gabriella- No surprise that I didn't even get a chance to introduce this sweetheart before she was snatched up by a family from Stamford. Gabriella is a female Bermese Mt. Dog mix. She wil be living with a large family that includes a 12 year old Doberman mix.
      Shelly- This wonderful couple spent months coming to the shelter trying to find a dog their dog Sable would accept. Their efforts paid off, Sable and Shelly spent Saturday playing a game of tag and chase me getting to know one another. Sunday Shelly a Staffie mix went to a great home and two future regular volunteers.
      Salem- Last week Noche was adopted to this family and proved to be not an appropriate match for the family & their cat. So Noche came back and Salem a black kitten was taken home. Last check things are going great!
      Blanco- Recently returned also, Blanco was readopted to a couple who taught their cats to walk on leash! Blanco will be learning to walk on leash like a cat too!
      Becker-Adopted to a lovely lady who insisted on an adult cat despite her daughter's pleas for a kitten.
      Nina & Nookie- Two tabby kittens very recently back from foster care,
      thanks to Dianne and Jenn C., were adopted together to a local couple. Thanks to volunteer Christina for helping them find this great couple.
      Marty-This feisty feline went to a single lady from the Bronx.
      Peachie- A mother and son adopted Peachie and may be back shortly for another. See you can't just have one.
      Sunny D- Talk about patience. This gentleman waited for months for an orange tabby kitten. Big plans are in the future for this kitty. Watch out Morris!
      Nicky- The last of a group of three kittens back from foster care was adopted Sunday and will live in Rockland County.
      Boots-It was one lucky family that will enjoy living with this big brown tabby. 
      New Arrivals
      Rascal- This two year old recently spayed female calico gave birth to 4 litters of kittens before her owner brought her to us. "She is too frightened, she hides all the time", were the reasons the former owner gave for giving up on her. Rascal is sweet and we have found her to be very friendly.
      Jax- Black & white 5-6month old neutered male ready to play! Great with other cats and loves to be held.
      Davin- Handsome brown tabby about 1 1/2 years young. This friendly neutered male given up due to allergic reactions within the family.
      Wish List
      We will have a continued need for foster homes for very young kittens. In special need are homes needed for bottle fed kittens. This requires you to be avaliable to feed the kittens around the clock.
      Contact me at Muttrick@... for more information.
      Current on goings at the shelter
      Thursday night resident shelter dog training classes.  6:45-7:30 bring a baggy of semi moist treats, (hotdogs work well) and one of our unruley shelter dogs in need of manners! Weather permitting.
      Saturday- Training classes for adopted dogs! Ann King will conduct free training classes from 2-3pm each Saturday, weather permitting. Take advantage of these classes and free professional training advice from an expert!
      Til next week,
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