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Polis newsletter, Mobile #33

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  • Eric Britton
    Previous issues of Mobile Issue 33- August 2005
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      Previous issues of Mobile

      Issue 33- August 2005


      In this month's issue:

      From the Polis President: New Executive Director at Polis
      Polis workshop: Pricing of Public Transport
      European Mobility Week
      Traffic noise modelling
      NICHES workshop, 1-2 December 2005
      European Transport Conference, 3-5 October, Strasbourg
      Polis annual conference, 9-10 November, Paris
      MOVIMAN managers in Stuttgart
      ASK-IT workshop, 13th October, Stuttgart
      Commission's new rule on public transport
      CIVITAS conference, 14-15 September, Bristol
      Forthcoming events

      From the Polis President, Professor Zanelli

      I am pleased to announce that the Polis Management Committee has appointed Mr. Walter Wenzel to be the new Executive Director of Polis.
      Mr Wenzel is a specialist in European local and regional government and has considerable experience within the EU. For over ten years he was Director General of CEMR -Council of European Municipalities and Regions, where he influenced EU Directives and policies on transport, research, environment, information society issues and social and regional policy. He also has experience in programme and project management, especially in the transport and environment sector.
      In his new role as Polis Executive Director, Mr. Wenzel is keen to continue providing support to Polis member cities and regions, whether it be through exchange of experience, research or pilot implementations. He wishes to remain in close dialogue with the European Commission and European Parliament- to stress the importance of sustainable transport policies which can boost the competitiveness of our cities/regions and thereby Europe. By doing so, Mr Wenzel aims to further consolidate Polis' position as a central player of local European transport policies.
      I have every confidence that Mr. Wenzel will fulfil our expectations and I look forward to working with him.

      Prof. Enrico Zanelli, Polis President

      Pricing of public transport workshop, 30 September 2005

      Polis is co-organising a workshop dealing with the issue of public transport pricing and to what extent it can influence travel behaviour. The workshop, to take place in Brussels on 30 September, is being organised with a group of Belgian universities which have investigated the impact of free public transport awarded to Flemish students studying in Brussels. The workshop will be addressed by the Brussels Region Minister for Mobility, Pascal Smet, who will share his vision for free public transport. The workshop comprise 3 main sessions: the first two sessions will look at examples from around Europe where specific pricing initiatives have been implemented and where their impact has been measured. The final session will be devoted to a round table on the effectiveness of public transport to influence travel behaviour. The panel includes the Polis President, Enrico Zanelli, the Vice-President of the Brussels public transport authority (STIV/MIVB), the Director-General of the Flemish bus company (De Lijn) and the Head of EuroTeam at UITP. The programme and registration form can be downloaded from the Polis website at: http://www.polis-online.org/news/NEW3.html For further information, contact: shoadley@....

      London to launch European Mobility Week, 15-22 September 2005

      'In Motion! Visions for urban mobility & clean air' is the title of the conference and exhibition organised in London on 15 & 16 September to inaugurate European Mobility Week. Day 1 of the event comprises a series of tours (walking, cycling or on a hydrogen fuel cell bus) and workshops, whereas the conference per se will take place on day 2. In addition to the high-level UK participation (London Mayor and government minister), the programme also includes the input of the Commissioners for Transport and the Environment and a session 'Mayors in Motion'.
      European Mobiltiy Week (16-22 September 2005) aims to promote sustainable urban mobility and raise public awareness concerning the environmental impacts of current urban mobility trends. It works at a local level, with local authorities, encouraging citizens to change their travel behaviour and use more sustainable modes of transport. For more information: http://www.mobilityweek-europe.org

      Traffic noise modelling

      The final conference of the EU-funded project, Rotranomo, will take place in Berlin on 28 September. Rotranomo is an industry-led initiative whose aim was to develop an urban traffic noise calculation model. The model is based on a microscopic traffic flow module in which the traffic is generated as movements of individual vehicles. Trials of the model were undertaken in the cities of Glasgow and Genoa (Polis members). The results of these trials and the project generally will be presented during the final conference. To register for the conference, please contact: henning.volkmar@...

      NICHES Mid-term Validation workshop

      The NICHES Mid-term Validation Workshop will take place in Stockholm on 1-2 December 2005, one year after the start of the NICHES project, which is coordinated by Polis. The aim of the workshop is to present, disseminate and discuss the results and findings of the first year of work, as well as to validate them in order to assure the right track in the progress of the project.
      The mission of NICHES (New and Innovative Concepts for Helping European Transport Sustainability) is to stimulate a wide debate on innovative urban transport and mobility between relevant stakeholders from different sectors and disciplines across Europe. It will promote the most promising new concepts, initiatives and projects, moving them from their current 'niche' position to a 'mainstream' urban transport policy application .For more information visit http://www.niches-transport.org/

      European Transport Conference, Strasbourg, 3-5 October 2005

      The European Transport Conference is organised by the Association for European Transport. The conference will be a "meeting of minds" where transport professionals come together to keep up-to-date with policy issues, research findings and best practice across a broad spectrum of transport. The key themes of this year's conference include, amongst others, land-use transport interactions, road charging and tolling, urban design and street management, sustainable road safety, travel behaviour and the demand for public transport.For more information on this event, visit: http://www.aetransport.org




      Polis 20th annual conferenceParis, 9-10 November 2005: Programme is online

      "15 years of innovation on local and regional transport: good practice; new trends and challenges; the barriers; the way ahead".

      This year's conference will be an opportunity to focus on what has been achieved in cities over the past 15 years in local transport and what the current barriers and possible solutions are. The programme includes three round tables addressing strategic issues and a series of parallel sessions which reflect the main themes of Polis' work: Innovation in Public transport, Safety & Security, Transport & quality of life and Mobility for all. The conference will close with the presentation of the Polis charter which will set out Polis' goals for the future and its vision. There will also be technical tours presenting innovation by the city of Paris, which will illustrate the themes of the conference. For more information contact: shoadley@....
      To download the conference programme, registration form and information on hotels in Paris, visit: http://www.polis-online.org/news/NEW5.html
      To find out about sponsorship opportunities contact: mhervo@...

      *Register before the 7th October to benefit from the early-bird registration fee

      Mobility managers in Stuttgart

      Within the MOVIMAN project, Polis member Stuttgart is testing whether the implementation of an "area-related mobility manager" can be helpful by acting as an intermediary between the partners in an industrial park, the public administration and the public transport companies. The project should demonstrate how improvements in the field of traffic management can be achieved through the systematic gathering, analysis, processing and forwarding of all necessary information by a mobility manager. By means of consultancy to all partners involved, an efficient use of the available resources shall be obtained, reducing the environmental impact and at the same time helping firms and employees to save time and resources. The project started in October 2004 and will go on until September 2006. For more information on MOVIMAN, contact

      ASK-IT workshop, Stuttgart 13th October 2005

      Within the ASK-IT project, Polis is organising a pan-European workshop and on 13th October 2005 in Stuttgart. The workshop aims to inform a wider audience about ASK-IT and the progress made one year into the project. The project will be presented by members of the Consortium and there will also be recognised experts in the field of infomobility services.
      ASK-IT, Ambient Intelligent System of Agents for Knowledge-based and Integrated Services for Mobility Impaired Users began in October 2004 and is partly funded by the European Commission under the 6th framework programme-e-Inclusion. The project aims to improve the mobility of mobility impaired people, by developing services based on Information Communication Technologies. Through a mobile device (mobile phone, PDA), mobility impaired people will have access to relevant and real time information, primarily for travelling and using public transport, but also for use at home, work and for leisure activities. The project also involves a demonstration stage and the device will be tested and evaluated by mobility impaired users in several European cities including some Polis member cities.
      For more information on the workshop contact Judith Mabelis: jmabelis@... or visit the ASK-IT website:http://www.ask-it.org/news.html

      Local Authorities keep right to provide public transport

      The Commission has proposed new rules on how local authorities can operate public transport. Under the proposed rules local authorities will have the choice as to whether they will operate public transport themselves or entrust it to an outside provider. Whatever they decide to do, all actions must be clear to the citizens and to the operators involved. Contracts are limited to eight years for road and 15 years for rail. These rules aim to update the current regulation which dates back to 1969. The privatisation of many transport services as well as court judgements and the arrival of EU internal market have meant that the 1969 regulation conflicts with internal market rules and creates legal uncertainty.

      Civitas conference, Bristol

      Delivering Urban Transport Innovations is the title of the Vivaldi Project National Conference which is being hosted by Polis member Bristol City Council on 14 & 15 September. The programme includes a round table with politicians from the Vivaldi cities and sessions on technical innovations, marketing & communication, and, partnerships and cooperation, with presentations from the Vivaldi cities of Bristol, Bremen, Kaunas, Nantes and Aalborg. The programme and registration form can be downloaded from the Vivaldi website at: http://www.vivaldiproject.org/

      Forthcoming events

      12-23 September 2005, "Mobility in the City", European Summer School, Clermont Ferrand, France. For more information contact M. Bertrand Pimort uee@...-bpclermony.fr

      14-15 September 2005, VIVALDI National Conference, Bristol, UK:"Delivering Urban Transport Innovations". For more information: http://www.vivaldiproject.org/

      15-16 September 2005, In-Motion Conference, London. For more information: http://www.mobilityweek-europe.org

      16-22 September 2005, European Mobility Week. For more information: http://www.mobilityweek-europe.org

      28 September 2005, Rotranomo final conference, Berlin.
      For more information: henning.volkmar@...

      30 September 2005, Impact of Public Transport Pricing on Travel Behaviour, http://www.polis-online.org/news/NEW3.html or contact shoadley@...

      3-5 October 2005, European Transport Conference, Strasbourg. For more information: http://www.aetransport.org

      13 October 2005, ASK-IT pan-European workshop, Stuttgart, Germany. For more information contact: jmabelis@... or http://www.ask-it.org/news.html

      9-10 November 2005, Polis annual conference,Salon de l'Hotel de Ville, Paris, France. For more information: shoadley@...

      1-2 December 2005, NICHES mid-term validation workshop, Stockholm. For more information contact liriarte@... or consult http://www.niches-transport.org/





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      Tel: +32 2 500 56 70- Fax: +32 2 500 56 80- e-mail: polis@...



      VAT: BE 460 400 701








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