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Car-Free Days: What's Gone Wrong?

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  • rghent_spring2000@gmx.net
    Dear European Car-Free Day Promoters: As you may know, we at Car Busters have been following with considerable interest the car-free day concept that you and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2000
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      Dear European Car-Free Day Promoters:

      As you may know, we at Car Busters have been following with considerable
      interest the car-free day concept that you and your colleagues have been
      actively pushing on the international scene for a number of years now, and

      in particular the latest car-free event in Bogotá and the well-deserved
      Stockholm prize that is now being awarded for the international
      collaboration behind this event.

      At the same time, however, we wonder why, despite the fact that the
      day approach has received a fair amount of media attention in Europe (and
      elsewhere via the wire services) over the past two years, so little seems
      happen AS A RESULT of these days. We at Car Busters have our own theory
      about why the "En ville sans ma voiture" programmes have yielded so little

      of interest or use to date, and we have set these out in some detail in
      latest edition of Car Busters Magazine. I recommend it to your attention.

      One always wonders of course if indeed one might be wrong. Might it be
      the "En ville..." approach is the best way to go about rectifying the huge

      imbalances and problems that most of our cities suffer from? So, in light
      the enormous difference between what has happened in France and Italy on
      car-free scene of late, and what has been achieved in Bogotá, we took it
      upon ourselves to conduct an international informal poll, asking if there
      might be a better name for the French and Italian approach which seems
      to become the European norm -- instead of what we think can fairly be
      considered the real car-free day approach, of which Bogotá is a fine

      So without further ado, here are some of the names proposed thus far,
      we would now like to submit to you, your readers and your international
      colleagues for comment and evaluation. We were thinking of perhaps
      a Car Busters award for the best entry, with the announcement to be made
      following the awards ceremony for the Stockholm Prize:
      * In Town Without My Car Today Maybe, But Tomorrow Watch Out!
      * Car-Free Lite Days
      * Virtual Car-Free Days
      * Mini Car-Free
      * En ville sans ma voiture, mais avec mon vélo de Peugeot
      (In Town Without My Car, But With My Peugeot Bicycle: the Car-Free Day
      that even the auto industry is willing to go along with)
      * The E.U. Never-Mind-Our-Full-Speed-Ahead-Road-Building-Programme Day
      * Car-Free Days: The Missing Links (a spoof on the E.U. TENs programme)
      * Electric Car Promotion Days

      We invite further nominations, comments and any eventual fine-tuning and
      improvement of the above. We also invite counter-criticism of this
      criticism, as we imagine that there are going to be some hurt feelings.

      So, sorry if we have hurt anybody's feelings, but we think that the issues

      are more important.


      Randy Ghent

      for Car Busters Magazine and Resource Centre
      Krátká 26, 100 00
      Praha 10, Czech Republic
      Tel: +(420) 2-781-08-49; Fax: +(420) 2-781-67-27

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