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The Stockholm Challenge Award, the Bogotá Car Free D ay and RealMedia broadcast on Monday

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    As perhaps you know the Bogotá Car Free Day project with The Commons has been chosen as a finalist for this year s Stockholm Challenge Award. If you cannot
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2000
      As perhaps you know the Bogotá Car Free Day project with The Commons has
      been chosen as a finalist for this year's Stockholm Challenge Award.

      If you cannot make it to Stockholm though, you can join in through the
      Internet! The prize-giving ceremony will broadcast live from the Stockholm
      City Hall on Monday evening at 6.00 PM in co-operation with ONTV Webcasting
      and Telia Streaming Media. To get there go to http://www.ontv.se/time/.
      (Better check it out early and make sure that you have the latest version of
      RealPlayer to pick up the video transmission.)

      To quote the organizers (go to http://www.challenge.stockholm.se/ for
      details): "The prestigious prize-giving ceremony will take place in the City
      Hall of Stockholm on June 5. The winners in each category will be announced
      in the Blue Hall, the prestigious surroundings of the Nobel festivities.
      There will be project presentations, inspiring speeches and impressive

      And if you want to see the reasoning behind our being selected for the
      Prize, you can find this in the Stockholm Challenge site, by clicking first
      Finalists, then Environment, then us.

      With any luck you will see the faces of Mayor Enrique Peñalosa and your
      servant grinning at you over the big glass sculpture (a rendering of no
      more, no less than the whole planet... in slightly reduced scale) that is
      awarded for the winner in the environment category.

      Eric Britton

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