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Traffic Week- 2000

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    Dear Kumar Koirala, I was very pleased to receive your kind letter, and even more happy to learn about Your safety, Our concern week which begins on the 24th
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      Dear Kumar Koirala,

      I was very pleased to receive your kind letter, and even more happy to learn
      about "Your safety, Our concern" week which begins on the 24th of this
      month. I have looked at the activities that you are planning and find that
      they are very good. I do have two small suggestions, in the hope that they
      may be of some use to you and your city.

      First, have you considered the possibility of working with the schools to
      involve the school children directly in this important consciousness raising
      effort? We have found them to be powerful actors in the move to better and
      more socially just transportation. And of course when you and I are gone,
      they are tomorrow's leaders, so we might as well begin preparing them to be
      better leaders than we were. You will find more on this approach in the
      Children on the Move site at http://www.ecoplan.org/children.

      Second, I would like to see what we all might be able to do to provide you
      with as much support and help as we possibly can. One very good step will be
      for you to continue to keep us all informed by means of communications to
      the excellent SUSTRAN forum. You will find that they are very good friends
      and sources of wise counsel indeed. Also, we will send on all your
      information and requests to both the @ccess on the Web forum at
      http://www.ecoplan.org/access and the Politics of Sustainability program at
      http://www.ecoplan.org/politics. Both may have some ideas and feedback for
      you. And of course there is also the @World Car-Free Day Consortium at
      http://ecoplan.org/carfreeday/, which we shall also notify.

      I am assuming that this year it is perhaps too early to consider having a
      World Wide Web site to support your program, but when that becomes possible
      we can highlight it in much the same manner that we did the very find
      car-free day in Bogotá on the 24th of February.

      My colleagues join me in sending our very best wishes for the success of
      your efforts.

      With all good wishes,

      Eric Britton

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