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  • Eric Britton
    Here is something that I hope you will chose to give a bit of thought to, for two rather different sets of reasons: (1) content and (2) technology of
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      Here is something that I hope you will chose to give a bit of thought to, for two rather different sets of reasons: (1) content and (2) technology of communication. Briefly then:


      1. The content of this Transportation Research Board (TRB) session of two weeks ago in Houston Texas, during which a number of our US colleagues report on the present state of the art in the States in the area of “Improving Mobility and Accessibility with Managed Lanes, Pricing, and BRT” is directly relevant to the thrust and content of both our work under the New Mobility Agenda – and even more to what we are trying to advance in the Kyoto World Cities 20/20 Challenge project: measures that allow us to get more throughput through schemes which make increased use of space-efficient high occupancy vehicles (HOV).   

      2. The decision of the TRB organizers to make use of this format for sharing and extending the outreach of their meeting.


      This is right up the main line of our thinking on both scores. If you have any reactions or comments on this, it would be much appreciated if you might share them.



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      The objective of this series is to bring information presented at TRB conferences and meetings to those who were not able to attend. Any comments or suggestions you have would be appreciated, and should be directed to Brie Schwartz at bschwartz@...

      E-Sessions contain powerpoint slides synchronized with the corresponding audio.
      To view the presentation:
      1) Click on the title of the presentation.
      2) Click "View Presentation" on the Pop-Up.
      3) Presentation will start automatically when it uploads. Please wait for it to completely upload. The uploading may take several minutes for the larger presentations.
      4) Slides will advance automatically.
      5) "Thumbnail" tab provides the capability to search slides throughout presentation.
      6) Microsoft Windows Media Player is mandatory for e-Sessions.

      12th International HOV Systems Conference:
      Improving Mobility and Accessibility with Managed Lanes, Pricing, and BRT
      April 18-20, 2005
      Houston, Texas

      Public Perceptions About HOV, HOT, BRT, and Managed Lanes
      Jessie Yung, presiding
      A Comparison of Houston HOT Lane Users and Non-Users, Mark Burris
      I-5 North Coast Managed Lanes Community Outreach Program, Heather Werdick
      Public Perceptions on Tolling in Texas, Sukumar Kalmanje

      Updates on Different User Groups
      Darren Henderson, presiding
      A Systems Approach for a Metropolitan HOT Network: The Case of Atlanta, Daniel Drake
      Role of Managed Lanes in Disaster Management, Raman Patel
      ILEVs, Hybrids, and HOVs, Katherine Turnbull

      What's the News Across the Nation?
      Luisa Paiewonsky, presiding
      Maryland's Express Toll Lanes - An Alternative to Gridlock, Michelle Martin & George Walton
      MnPass - Minnesota's I-394 HOT Lane Project, Marthand Nookala
      Seattle's SR 167 Pilot Project, Nytasha Sowers

      Enforcement for Multiple User Groups
      Bill Eisele, presiding
      Automated Occupancy Monitoring Systems for HOV/HOT Monitoring and Enforcement, Stephen Schijns
      Enforcement of Managed Lanes with HOV Preference, Ginger Goodin
      Enforcement on the 91 Express Lanes and I-394 MnPass, Jon Ramirez

      Designing for Multiple User Groups
      William Finger, presiding
      Managed Lanes in San Diego - Trade-offs in Designing a Multimodal Facility, Dave Schumacher
      Traffic Control Devices for Managed Lanes, Sue Chrysler
      Design and Operations Associated with Single Lane Directional Managed Lanes, Casey Toycen
      Managed Lanes Ramp Design Issues, Marcus Brewer


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