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FW: Transport and Health

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  • Anna Cronin (PCT North West)
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2005
      > Recently published report by NICE (National Centre for Clinical
      > Excellence) http://www.publichealth.nice.org.uk
      > Making the Case: Improving Health Through Transport
      > This publication is aimed at those interested in developing health and
      > transport policies; those involved in partnership work with local
      > authorities; those with responsibilities for NHS estates; and those
      > developing work where transport will play a significant part.
      > <<Making the case- imrpoving health through transport.pdf>>
      > Anna
      > Anna Cronin de Chavez
      > Health Promotion Specialist (Injury Prevention)
      > City-wide based at Leeds North West PCT
      > North West House, West Park Ring Road, Leeds, LS16 6QG, UK.
      > Tel 0113 3057532 anna.cronin@...
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