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Eco Drive in Geneva

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  • Eric Gerelle
    Dear Eric, Please find some CO2 articles that have appeared this month in the Tribune de Geneve, English Corner. Hope they are of interest to you. Best
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 29, 2005

      Dear Eric,

      Please find some CO2 articles that have appeared this month in the Tribune de Geneve, English Corner. Hope they are of interest to you.

      Best Regards,

      Eric Gerelle

      Eco Drive

      The Canton of Geneva is training its employees to drive in a more environmentally friendly way. The technique, called Eco-Drive, promises to reduce fuel consumption, the amount of noise produced and polluting gases. The canton claims a study has shown eco-drivers use about 10% less fuel than traditional drivers, even at slightly higher speeds. The practice is also said to be safer and less stressful. Cantonal authorities wanted to lead by example and have been training many of their employees since last autumn. The technique itself is rather simple: a driver who is accelerating tries to keep his or her motor running at a low rpm by shifting gears upwards as soon as possible. Also, eco-drivers try to move more smoothly through traffic by not accelerating and breaking needlessly.


      Source: Tribune de Genève 16th March 2005





      CO2 Tax on Heating Oil

      The federal government decided on Wednesday to impose a new tax on heating oil.
      Bern has been hesitating for months on how to reach the Kyoto protocol’s objective and reduce this country’s production of CO2.

      Switzerland currently produces approximately 40 million tons of CO2 gas that contribute to global warming. To reach the aim of reducing that production, Bern was faced with two possibilities: jacking up the price of transportation fuel or increasing the cost of heating oil. Intense political lobbying has taken place between environmentalists and automobile militants.

      The result is that starting 2006 each liter of heating oil will be taxed a whooping 9 centimes, while 1 to 1.6 centimes will be taxed per liter of fuel used for transportation. This solution called the ’centime climatique’ will be applied until the end of 2007, at that point, if the Kyoto objectives are still not met, the federal government will impose a tax of up to 30 centimes at the pump.


      Tribune de Genève 16th March 2005





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