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Velo-city cycling conference 2005 - latest news

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      Subject: Velo-city cycling conference 2005 - latest news


      Dear Eric,

      As you are no doubt aware, the city of Dublin is hosting the Velo-city 2005 international cycle planning conference from May 31st to June 3rd 2005. We have exciting news about this event, and I would be very grateful if you would help us to bring this to the notice of your network by;

      (i)         circulating the message below by electronic means to all of the EcoPlan international network, as well as your extensive contacts through the world. If there is anyone else who you think would be interested, please also send it to them as well. Our priority is to reach as many interested people as possible as quickly as possible.

      (ii)        including a link to the Velo-city website www.velo-city2005.com on your own website

      This will help us to assist us in reaching the widest audience regarding this important international event.


      Thanks in advance for your help.

      Olly Hatch & Michael Aherne

      Velo-city Directors





      EU Commissioner for Transport to address Velo-city 2005

      Monsieur Jacques Barrot, the recently appointed EU Commissioner for Transport has now agreed to give the keynote speech at Velo-city, the biggest cycling transport conference. This is very significant. Together with M Barrot will be Ireland's Minister of Transport and other international speakers. Velo-city takes place in Dublin this year from May 31st to June 3rd 2005. At the last Velo-city conference in Paris in 2003, we had about 750 delegates from over 40 countries world-wide – all of who were involved in some way to increase the levels of cycling


      What is Velo-city Dublin all about?

      All you need to know about the city and the conference‘s exciting 4-day programme of events, site visits, keynote speakers and technical presentations is now available on a downloadable pdf http://www.velo-city2005.com/pdf/velocity_registration.pdf or on the Velo-city website www.velo-city2005.com


      Who should go to Velo-city Dublin?

      Velo-city Dublin 2005 is essential for planners, engineers, architects, transportation companies, local authority officials, bicycle users and politicians who want to learn more about sustainable transportation, land use, city planning and technical design, where the bicycle is the central theme and springboard for debate.


      Anything special about this Velo-city conference?

      The Dublin conference includes first-class speakers from around the world, and is the first summertime Velo-city conference. The host city, Dublin, is at the centre of Ireland's economic surge, and is tackling the problems of rapid expansion through an integrated transportation strategy. The conference will be looking at the role of the bike within that strategy, as well as bicycle transport developments from around the globe.

      Uniquely, Dublin also offers the delegates the chance to see the Dublin Port Tunnel under construction, visit the recently opened two line Tram system and control centre, or experience the Dublin Regional Traffic Management Centre in operation. Delegates can also buy a superb city bike at a knockdown price, as part of the conference package.


      Any special deals?

      There is a special discount fee for delegates from 2004 Enlargement and Accession applicant countries, and for non-EU developing countries, as well as cycle advocacy members. For ordinary delegates who register before March 11th, there is EUR100 saving on the standard delegate fee for the conference. Don't leave it to the last minute - book now on http://www.velo-city2005.com/registration.html and start looking forward to a great week in Dublin!


      Velo-city Dublin: Tuesday May 31st to Friday June 3rd 2005.


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