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[access-forum] end of Transrapid?

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      Here is a list of articles at Handelsblatt on the end of Transrapid from the last few days.

      The leader of Adtranz (trains and power supply to the project), Rolf Eckrodt, was quoted in a major article yesterday (12th/Oct.) in Dagens Næringsliv (Norway) referring to another article in Handelsblatt on Wednesday 13th/Oct. See below. Ther was now reason given except they had not been able to sell the concept abroad as it is not in regular operation in Germany yet. Doesn't really make sense doies it? The articles afterwards say that Thyssen (maglev techn. for the project) does not want to give up Transrapid. There apparently is a dogfight going on. You will find the articles at the long link below, search for Transrapid.










      Bahnindustrie steht vor bislang schwerster Krise  (14.10.1999)

      Dax nach Dow-Einbruch schwach erwartet (13.10.1999)

      Thyssen-Krupp will Transrapid nicht aufgeben (13.10.1999)

      Dax von Zinsängsten und SAP gedrückt (13.10.1999)

      Transrapid droht das endgültige Aus (13.10.1999)

      Offener Streit der Transrapidpartner  (13.10.1999)

      Transrapid zwischen Berlin und Hamburg ohne Chance  (12.10.1999)

      Adtranz: Transrapid ist am Ende  (12.10.1999)

      Weiter Unklarheit über Transrapid  (11.10.1999)

      Einspuriger Transrapid nur „lahmer Gaul"  (11.10.1999)


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