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RE: [UTSG] Multiple red-light jumping

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  • Wetzel Dave
    But David, Cyclists on the footpath may only cause 0-1 pedestrians killed , but how many are injured and how many frail and/or elderly people are trapped in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2005
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      But David,
      Cyclists on the footpath may only cause "0-1 pedestrians killed", but how
      many are injured and how many frail and/or elderly people are trapped in
      their homes because they are terrified they may be hit (or hit again) by
      cyclists either illegally on the footpath or using a legal painted cycle
      path on the footpath which pedestrians are obliged to cross.
      As a local Councillor for 17 years I met many such vulnerable people.
      Often these cyclists travel at great speed and/or at night with no lights.

      As well as traffic authorities having an obligation to improve conditions
      for cyclists, the cyclists themselves have an obligation of care. You don't
      help your case by justifying illegal behaviour.

      Dave Wetzel; Vice-Chair; Transport for London.

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      I reckon that almost every change of lights during peak hours in Glasgow has
      at least one motor vehicle running through on amber. Certainly more cars
      pedal cycles are running red lights, and doing this dangerously by
      accelerating and crossing on the change to red. Most cyclists OTOH tend to
      run red
      lights slowly, and after they have changed to red, to make progress when
      they can
      see that there is no risk of colliding with other vehicles. They frequently
      'jump' lights to reach a safer place than bring in the centre of a junction
      riding off before the full green is showing, this practice lead over the
      years to the introduction of the ASL..

      Curiously that 'other' complaint cycling on the footway sees 0-1 pedestrians
      killed, a total which motorists exceed by a factor of 40, and Police vehicle
      make up a substantial amount of this.

      Dave Holladay

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