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  • Daryl Oster
    On Behalf Of Daryl Oster Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2004 9:38 PM Motorcycles have several cost and safety advantages over other modes: A couple of measures
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      On Behalf Of Daryl Oster
      Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2004 9:38 PM

      Motorcycles have several cost and safety advantages over other modes:

      A couple of measures that best indicate a vehicles efficiency and relative
      safety in an urban environment is the vehicle mass per occupant, and the
      vehicle mass per driver.

      The vehicle mass per occupant is a good metric to compare the relative
      efficiency of materials, and energy use:

      For a motorcycle with a mass of 100kg, the average vehicle mass per occupant
      is either 50kg at best (vehicle fully loaded), to 100kg worst case(only the
      driver). For a car of 900kg, the vehicle mass per passenger is about
      150kg/pasenger at best, to 900kg/passenger worst. For a 10,000kg 50
      passenger bus, the best case is 200kg, and the worst case is 10,000kg. For
      a train, the mass per occupant are yet higher. The mechanics of material
      use dictates that larger vehicles will required more material use per
      occupant under best case, and the usual case of less than 100% load factor,
      the real world material utilization is much worse.

      It is true that motorcycle death rate is much greater than the rate in cars
      or busses. How much of that is the fault of the motorcycle, and how much is
      the fault of the cars and buses? For equal speed of vehicles, the fully
      loaded vehicle mass per driver is a good measure of the relative potential
      for one individual to cause damage in the event of loss of vehicle control,
      or failure to observe the ROW:

      Motorcycle == 150kg to 500kg per driver
      Private Automobile== 1500kg to 5000kg per driver
      Bus== 5,000kg to 20,000kg / driver

      For a given speed, the motorcycle represents the lowest risk to others, by
      more than a factor of 10. The private automobile driver not only has
      responsibility for more passengers, they also can cause much greater damage
      to other vehicles, and or property. The bus driver has far more potential
      to cause death in the event of an error, for the passengers on the bus, AND
      those other pedestrians and vehicles on the street.

      There is much evidence to support the view that bus drivers abuse
      pedestrians, car, and motorcycle occupants by un-rightfully taking the ROW
      through intimidation by virtue of their potential to damage other vehicles
      (with little relative risk to the bus driver). By contrast, motorcyclists,
      since they are more exposed to greater personal risk, they drive more
      cautiously, and do not aggressively take the ROW from other vehicles that by
      law should have priority.

      An observer will rarely see a motorcycle pull out in front of a bus, while
      it is frequent that busses will bull out in front of motorcycles that must
      make defensive maneuvers to avoid injury.

      Daryl Oster
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