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World Streets: Guaranteeing 2013

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  • eric britton
    cid:image001.jpg@01CDCE14.727EE900 Lyon, France. 29 November 2012 Dear Friend of World Streets, After four years of proving our worth day after day, bringing
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      Lyon, France. 29 November 2012

      Dear Friend of World Streets,   

      After four years  of proving our worth day after day, bringing carefully selected news, findings, expert views, arguments, tools, comments, provocations and leads to the desks of thousands of readers  from more than seventy countries on all continents, World Streets is  now reaching out.  We need your  support to continue in 2013.

      World Streets is not just one more plan or a project. It is a proven independent, international peer network for knowledge-management and idea-sharing, with a solid track record serving local government, policy makers, activists, operators, consultants, researchers, NGOs and perhaps above all students and citizens who wish to better understand the full texture of the sector and the opportunities for doing something about it.  World Streets not only informs - it challenges!


      If you go to World Streets this morning -- http://worldstreets.org -- you will see in the top left menu the details of why and how to make your donation -- along with some background on the work program for the year ahead.  


      Or, easier still, direct from here you can click W/S EUROS to make a donation by PayPal or credit card in Euros -- or W/S DOLLARS for Dollar  donations.


      We are aiming to collect € 36,000 to guarantee the year.  With your support and even a modest donation, we can continue making our contribution to the challenges of sustainable transport, sustainable  cities and sustainable lives.


      Thank you, and keep reading World Streets.


      Eric Britton

      Editor in chief  




        Francis  Eric Knight-Britton, Managing Director /  Editor

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