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World Streets 2013

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  • eric britton
    Lyon, France. 28 November 2012 After soon four years of proving our worth day after day, bringing carefully selected news, expert views, arguments, tools,
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      Lyon, France. 28 November 2012


      After soon four years  of proving our worth day after day, bringing carefully selected news, expert views, arguments,  tools, comments, provocations and leads to the desks of thousands of readers  from more than seventy countries on all continents, World Streets is  reaching out. Our monthly costs to deliver the goods to your doorstep five days a week are on the order of six thousand Euros. Over the first three years all this work has been largely financed through fees from advisory, consultancy and mediation assignments by the editor, helped by contributions and loans from generous friends and colleagues, with a shortfall of about two thousand Euros in most months.  As you may suspect these numbers add up and it is not easy. We truly need your  support to continue in 2013.


      So as to get this message across without tying up too much of your time, I have prepared a set of three references that I believe make the case and to which you can click to directly from here. So let me introduce them quickly:


      Our 2013 Work Program - Check it out here - http://wp.me/psKUY-2yu.  And if what you see there does not challenge and excite your interest, you won't want to keep reading here.


      Our Call for support for 2013:  - Two pages you can find at http://wp.me/psKUY-2BK that set out the why and how of the support effort that is needed to keep World Streets alive.


      Our Qualifications:  In three main parts. First, the journal itself: World Streets is not one more plan or a project; it is an achievement with a verifiable track record. Second, let me point you to a group of highly distinguished people who have encouraged and supported us through their own work and contributions over the past several years, our all volunteer International Advisory Council at http://wp.me/psKUY-2sj.  And third and last when we asked our readers to pen a few lines to tell us what they think about the journal, 101 of them wrote back as you can see here - http://wp.me/psKUY-2BK.


      Case rested.  I look forward to your reaction and hope that it will be positive.  We need your help if we are to keep on making our contribution to the challenges of sustainable transport, sustainable  cities and sustainable lives.


      With all good wishes,


      Eric Britton



        Francis  Eric Knight-Britton, Managing Director /  Editor

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    • Ian Wingrove
      News Release Darren Johnson London Assembly Green Party Member www.london.gov.uk/profile/darren-johnson Press
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 29, 2012

        News Release

        Darren Johnson

        London Assembly Green Party Member



        Press Office: 020 7983 4424, 07967 205 330      Darren: 07887 737 276


        19th November 2012


        Silvertown crossing ‘not needed’ as car ownership drops


        A report by London Council has highlighted the fact that car ownership in London is dropping, even as the population is rising. They use figures from a report commissioned by the RAC to show that London ’s population has risen by 603,000 since 2000, but car ownership dropped by 117,000.


        Separate figures from Transport for London show that traffic has fallen by 7% since 2000. If the trend continues, there could be 15%-20% less traffic in London by the time the proposed new road is finished.


        Darren Johnson is due to question the Mayor about the Silvertown crossing at next Wednesday morning’s Mayor’s Questions. The exhibition on the proposed Silvertown crossing and the Ferry at Gallions Reach are due to start on Monday 17th November.


        Darren Johnson said:


        “It makes no sense to build a new road underneath the Thames when traffic has been declining in London for the last twelve years and the rate of that decline is speeding up. As well as Londoners using less cars, they are now buying less cars. Given the dramatic increase in public transport links across the Thames , this is the last place you should be building a new road.”




        1. Changes in populations and car ownership in London



        Inner London

        Outer London













        Increase %















        Decrease %





        Taken from the report produced by London Councils “Review of the relevance of parking to the success of town centres”




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